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DS! Leaving Lolita 4 Week Repost + New Items


Allergy Warning: I have a cat but all items are stored in a closet away from her. I will double check all items for cat fur and make my best effort to remove.

Please read before buying!!!

Prices include shipping and paypal fees within the US. By default, I ship by whatever method is cheapest and do not usually include tracking for purchases under $20 USD. If you prefer another method or want tracking or insurance please ask, however you will need to cover the additional cost. Once I have shipped I am not responsible for loss or damage.

International buyer before you ask for quote, international shipping (with the exception of Canada and Mexico) starts at about $15 untracked and uninsured for the lightest items (<1 lb) and goes up from there both by distance and weight. Shipping with tracking/insurance will start around $30. If you are not prepared to pay these fees don't ask for a quote. When you do ask for a quote, note that you have read this otherwise I will ignore your request.

I will do in person transactions for anyone in the Chicago area.

I make every effort to respond to any communication within 24 hours. Once a transaction begins, I expect the same from my buyers (unless you  tell me ahead of time that you will be unavailable) and I reserve the right to sell to another buyer if I do not hear from you.

I will do holds, installment payment etc for items over $50 USD. I require a nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the total value of the item(s) sent to me as a gift. Please contact me to work out details.

Feel free to make reasonable offers, however I will sell to whoever has the highest offer when multiple offers are presented. At this time I am not in a hurry to sell the items in the New Items Section however older items and multiple items I am more willing to negotiate on.

For reference my measurements are 34-28-38 and I wear a US 7.5 (24cm) shoe and all of the items listed fit me well unless otherwise noted.

If you would like additional photos or information please ask. If you need precise measurements and are seriously considering a purchase please ask. All items are currently packed away in storage so it may take a day or two if you require images or precise measurements. I will add stock photos and lolibrary links as I come across them.


I am open to trades however I am mostly interested in simple clasic style OPs without prints(ETC, IW), brand prints in dark green or mori/classic/gothic/punk style dresses without the lolita shape (naoto, BPN, ETC, Liz Lisa). Basically I want things that I can more easily incorporate into my everyday wardrobe (with the exception of green prints). DO NOT offer me a partial trade unless it is in my favor. I am not spending money right now.

All prices include domestic shipping and pp fees. International buyers see note above before asking for a quote.

New Items

Bodyline super full petticoat in white $50

Emily Temple Cute Ivory Polka Dot OP $150


Bought second hand and never worn by me.


Reduced Items
h. Naoto Mint Neko long shirt dress top $60 $50

Condition: 5/5

Like new, worn once



Condition: 5/5

Purchased new and worn only a couple times. I've owned this for several years and hoped that eventually I would acquire something that would go with it but I just don't have any punk in my wardrobe.

h. Naoto KuniKuni Cutsew $23 $18

Condition 5/5

Like new condition, worn once but decided it was a little too big on me. Recommended for bust 34-36in and waist 28-30in


h. Naoto Frill Bolero $36 $28

Condition: 5/5

Brand new unused. This is very versatile because the sleeves are removable as well as the tie in the front.


Meta Strawberry JSK + Headbow $144 $115

Condition: 4/5

Not pictured is a matching ribbon waist tie, I forgot it when I took the picture but it is included. Strawberry fashion glasses included for free ^_^



h. Naoto Gouk miniskirt $36 $28

Condition: 5/5

I am the second owner. I wore this once but skirts just aren't my thing and this has been sitting in my closet forever. The black fabric layers are almost like athletic wear material and super soft. The middle layer has cute cutout designs and the bottom layer is a stiffer fabric with a really gorgeous design. Waist is fully elasticized and has a drawstring so it should fit someone XS-M. Exact measurements upon request.


h. Naoto Frill NWT long sleeve bolero $40 $32

h. Naoto Seven punk leggings NWT $80 $64



h. Naoto Gramm Blouse $120 $96

Condition 4/5

Purchased directly from h. Naoto and worn by me several times.  Neck tie is not removablt. Jabot is removable. Includes detachable frill that snaps onto the bottom inside hem.


Rings listed from top left to bottom right

AP Bow Ring $19

Prices include shipping and pp so I will cut the price in if purchased with another item or free with a purchase over $100
Mossbadger tophat bunny $8
Cameo $8
Paradise Rose Navy glitter rose $8
Mossbadger pink bunny with teddy bear $8
Dangle bunny (some rhinestones missing) $5


AP Parasol $60 $48

Condition: 5/5

Like new. I used this once.


h. Naoto Frill Sailor JSK $240 $192

Condition 5/5

Neck bow is removable. Lots of beautiful details that can only be appreciated in person. There is a hidden side zipper which has been replaced by a professional seamstress. The zipper is still difficult but better than the old one. If your waist is over 28 in and/or bust over 34 you will have difficulty zipping this because the amound of material the zipper has to pull over.


h. Naoto Gouk top $32 $25.60

Condition 4/5

Worn a couple times but otherwise in good condition. This top is a little too big for my petite frame which is why I am selling it.


h. Naoto Frill White and Pink bunny purse $44 $35

Condition 4/5

Purchased second hand. Fairly small.


h. Naoto Mint Neko Rainy Cat print knit top $32 $25

Condition: 4/5

Worn several times but still in good condition. Super long sleeve with thumbholes and side ties.



Alice and the Pirates Brown sheer blouse $80 $64

h. Naoto Frill Macaroon OP print $240 $192

condition 5/5

I wore this once and it is in great condition. Like many Naoto dress, this one has numerous beautiful details that can only be fully appreciated in person. Includes removable neck ties. Best suited for someone the has a bust under 33 and waist under 28 in. It fit me but it was not terribly comfortable and the bust sits a bit high so a smaller bust will probably work better. Honestly I would only recommend this for someone that is mostly flat up top because of the way the bodice sits and the front corset lacing is actually right over the bust.


Bodyline Bow $5

Condition: 5/5

Came with a pair of bloomers but I had no use for it so I'd be happy to include it free with any other package otherwise the price is basically to cover shipping and paypal and the hassle of mailing.

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