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DS : AatP Funeral Procession of the Rose, Baby Strawberry Cream Days, Lief Rabbit Gardenberries

Hi, here a few things I have for sale ! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help you ^^
- Payments are to be made by paypal (in € currency if possible, 0,25cts +4% fees unless I already included them), bank transfer or checks for french people
- Shipping fees are not included in the price unless I say so. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices ^^ I'm not responsible for lost packages
- No trades please, hold and short payment plans are possible with deposit and positive feedbacks. Please ask !
- First person to leave her paypal address gets the item, but leaving the paypal address means you're actually willing to buy the item. If you have questions, ask them first ! I'll treat every offer depending on their time of arrival.
- Item goes to the best offer (just make an offer but full price gets priority of course)
- I don't smoke but have cats which don't come near my clothes. I'll remove the cat hair anyway in case there are some on the clothes, it happens sometimes.
- I'll try to reply to your questions as fast as possible but live in a different timezone (France GMT+1) so I'll do my best, please be patient ^^
- I have many positive feedbacks here !

Aatp "Funeral Procession of the Rose" OP in lavender
[Proof Picture]
I’m the first owner of this beautiful OP and have just tried it. It’s a beautiful a flowy dress with gorgeous details and removable collar. It has no shirring and the waist ties are not removable. Lolibrary link here. 200€ NOW 160€ Priority shipping with tracking number worldwide and paypal fees
included . SOLD

Baby "Sweet Strawberry Cream Days" Tutu JSK in white

[Proof Picture] [Back Picture] [Removable parts picture] [Strap picture 1] [Strap picture 2]

I’m the first owner of this dress, bought it brand new and wore it twice. I removed the little bows on the straps so I could wear something over it without making a bulge. This has been done very carefully and is barely noticeable (please see enclosed pictures of the straps). The dress is in otherwise perfect condition and comes with removable waist ties, waist and straps ribbons. It is also a little longer than usual Baby dresses so it gives a more mature and elegant look once worn, very retro and flattering ! 165€ priority shipping worldwide and paypal fees included SOLD THANK YOU

Lief Gardenberries Rabbit JSK in ivory (size S/M)

[Proof Picture] [Back Picture]
I'm the first owner of this dress, it is brand new and has never been worn, not even tried on. It was a dreamdress of mine but unfortunately my style has changed since. It is in perfect condition and comes with removable belt and ribbon. Measurements for S/M size : b
ust : 84cm~90cm, waist: 66cm~72cm. 210€ priority shipping worldwide and paypal fees included SOLD ON PAYMENT PLAN

Thanks for reading, please don't hesitate if you have any question !
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