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DS: four items... Meta, AatP, h.Naoto Blood, and vintage

Sales Rules (please read first):

- Please don't comment unless you intend to buy. Private message me or facebook message me to talk about unrelated things-- e.g. how much you like/don't like a certain item, humorous asides, why I'm selling a certain piece, etc (nothing personal; it just makes the post less confusing for everyone if there aren't extraneous comments XD).
- No holds, no waiting list, no payment plans. The first person to provide her paypal address and actually pay will get the item.
- No trades
My feedback (100% positive)

1. Metamorphose "Long Layered Frill Petticoat" skirt. This long white skirt is made of lightweight organza fabric and decorated with rows of pin tucks and ruffles. Fully lined, 93 cm long. The waist is shirred but also has a drawstring. It's a petticoat skirt, so you can wear it under long dresses to provide volume, but it could also be worn like an underskirt (meant to show) for Pink House, Cult Party Kei, or old Metamorphose styles.
I wasn't able to find out much about this skirt besides an old maruione stock photo for the black version (, and I've only seen this for sale one other time! Rare.
Price: $90 + shipping

meta long skirt
(forgive the poor lighting)

2. Alice & the Pirates "Witch Millefeuille" blouse. Excellent condition with no flaws. Features magnificent sleeves and a removable neck bow!
Measurements and stock photos:
Price: $150 + shipping

detail shot:

3. Vintage striped blouse. In good used condition, though the elasticized cuffs are a little stretched due to age (reflected in the low price). This blouse features a striped pattern on a fine black x white pattern background (appears grey from a distance). Perfect for classic and gothic looks. Bust 38 inches, waist 34 inches, length 24 inches.
Price: $25 + shipping

vintage stripe blouse

4. h.Naoto Blood capelet cardigan. In good used condition. This stretchy cardigan features the signature h.Naoto butterflies and text print, but is toppped with a soft velvet asymmetrical lace-trimmed capelet!
Price: $40 + shipping

h.Naoto Blood cropped cardigan w/attached capelet - $70
back view:
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, color:black, color:white, h.naoto, item:blouse, item:cardigan, item:skirt, metamorphose, offbrand
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