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ds:A lot of stuff! h.naoto, etc,Meta,ap,btssb,bodyline&more.

I am not responsible for lost packages once shipped.
Free shipping in the US only.
I do not charge paypal fees.
Lj eats my pm's so let me know if you've sent a message!
I am willing to consider trades,show me what youve got.

Emily temple cute tart jsk $180 shipped. sold!

Emily temple cute strawberries jsk $120 shipped.

AP milky berry jsk plus size friendly$200 shipped

Included both halter and waist ties.has a small stain near the front bow ( one of the waist tie buttons fell off.

Metamorphose ivory lace set sold!
included matching dress,cardigan and headdress.
There is a small tear in the bottom of the dress and a stain near it from the previous owner but it's not very noticeable (

Btssb dessert op $200 shipped

Btssb op $100 shipped

Stained under the collar (not visible because the collar covers it) and one of the back seams had a tear in it that I patched up to the best of my abilities

Blue rouge (otome brand) jsk $60 shipped

Bodyline ponies jsk 2l in black $60 shippedsold!
Includes the original clip in bow and a matching hair bow

Bodyline plaid jsk size m nwt $20 shippedsold!

Sweet Mildred cookies dress $60 shipped

includes matching bow clip

Higuchi Yuko X etc falling alice cutsew op $90 shipped

Emily temple cute puppies skirt $40 shippedsold!

Metamorphose candy house skirt plus size friendly $50 shipped

Tartan skirt $20 shipped sold!
bought from a vender at a convention.

Old school angelic pretty skirt $35 shippedsold!
Beautiful skirt but it has some damage: there are small stains in the front,one of the skirt clasps is missing and the shirring in the back is stretched out

Bodyline coat 2l $60 shipped

missing caplet.

Knit&co blouse $25 shipped

Bobon21 blouse $25 shipped

Angelic pretty heart bag $50 shippedsold!
has a small scratch on the front and a Tiny indent in the back

Btssb black headbow $35 shippedsold!

Bl bonnet $20 shipped

more pictures of it:

H.naoto bunny hat $30shipped

has a lot of damage,the fur is matted, there is a stain on one of the claws and some yellowing in the lining of the hood

Melty moon ring $30 shipped

Angelic pretty pony otks $20 shipped

worn a lot so there is graying on the bottom of the sock. No rips or stains apart from that.

Drained cherry tights $35 shipped

Tiny bit of graying on the edge of the tight

Metamorphose socks $15 shipped

overall worn feeling,but still usable.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:black, color:cream, color:pink, color:purple, color:red, color:white, emily temple cute, h.naoto, indie brand, item:bag, item:blouse, item:jumperskirt, item:miniskirt, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, item:skirt, metamorphose, offbrand, taobao
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