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DS: Metamorphose Royal Frame OP, Bodyline OTK's

Hi there =)

*Sale/Trade Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/434732.html
*payment within 2 days
*paymentplan possible
*reserve ONLY with advanced payment of min 7 USD / 5€
* trade only for: http://kooccachoo.livejournal.com/28448.html
* shipping WORLD WIDE as letter 5 USD or 7 USD tracked (without insurance) for small things, for lager (Jsk's etc.) 10 USD or 13 USD tracked (without insurance), as small package 26 USD (tracked and insuranced till 48 USD) or package 41 USD - 59 USD (depending on where you live) (tracked and insuranced till 680 USD), for EU the letter prices are the same as world wide, small package 8,90 € or 11,20 € (tracked and insuranced till 35 €), package 17 € (tracked and insuranced till 500 €), for GERMANY: Unversichert als Brief oder Warensendung zwischen 1,50 € und 2 €, als Einschreiben 3,50 € (tracking aber kein versicherter Warenwert), versichertes Paket (bis 500 € und tracked) 7€
*I am not responsible for lost packages - no refund

Metamorphose Royal Frame OP

condition: like new

removable waist ties, partially shirred, fully lined, removable chiffon frill hem, removable front bow and removable small bows (4 in total)

Bust: 84 - 100cm
Waist: 74 - 89cm
Length: 88 + 3cm chiffon frill hem (removable)

price: 155 € / 194 USD + shipping and ppf

Metamorphose Honey Picnic OTK's

Worn OTK’s but still in good condition!
Washed them but have a spot on one sock I couldn’t remove (picture).

Price: 16 € / 20 USD + shipping and pp fees

Offbrand blue heartbag
condition: like new
measurements: 25 cm x 21,5 cm x 9 cm

price: 16 € / 20 USD + Shipping and pp fees

Bodyline stripe OTK's

Worn OTK’s but still in good condition.

From the beginning, when I purchased them from Bodyline, they had a little stain but it is not noticible when they are worn (picture).

price: 8 € / 10 USD + pp fees and shipping

Thanks for looking =D
Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose
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