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!DS: AatP Queen Marie Onepiece, GLW wig, Axes Femme vest, Moitie & Meta socks, and Brand Jewelry

General info PLEASE READ ME:

+Ships from 30606 USA (Athens, GA)
+I expect payment within 48 hours of you asking to be invoiced otherwise I will leave negative feedback because I have wasted lots of time with buyers who have been
+I can hold items and I may consider payment plans but it is up to my discretion. If you ask me to hold an item for you but back out later, I will leave negative feedback.
+Read the fine print next to my items! When stated the price contains shipping and/or fees but many times will not! When it says an item contains shipping, that is within the USA. If you live abroad ask for shipping estimate!
Please don't ask if I am interested in trades, I'm not
+I will only split sets in the event that I have a buyer for all the items. You're welcome to say you'd like to be in line for one item from a set and if someone wants the other items then I'm fine splitting the set but also understand someone who wants to buy all the items as one set takes precedence

Please feel free to make me offers for these items!

aatp_2010_op_queen_color2shironuri - Copy

Direct Sale: Queen Marie Onepiece Dress by BtSSB- $230 USD
-I purchased this dress two Christmas' ago and have worn it several times
-It is in excellent condition with no flaws I can find
-Though there is no shirring, it can be made smaller by lacing the sides more tightly, the measurements on lolibrary are the max measurements
-Fits up to waist of 75 and bust of 94


Direct Sale: Arda Mugatu Twin Tail Lavender/Blonde Wig- $30 USD OBO
-I am the first owner, I purchased this item two years ago new from Arda
-The wig is a little tangled but that really comes with the territory for long curly Arda wigs, I will comb it out as much as possible before sending it but expect it to tangle in the mail

-Some of the curl has fallen out in the back as well but could easily be recurled with hot water and curlers

selling 063selling 067selling 069
Direct Sale: Black Moi Meme Moitie Cross Arch OTKs- $30 USD
-These socks have no visible pilling

-The logo on the bottom has been worn away
-The lace is all intact

selling 027selling 029
Direct Sale: Axes Femme Lace Vest- $20 USD
-This is a very cute knit lace vest which would be perfect to accompany a lolita or mori style outfit

-In very good condition
-Would fit up to a 90cm bust

MelodyPoodleOTKs-CreamYellowxPinkselling 007
Direct Sale: Metamorphose OTKs in yellow-$10 OBO
-Some discoloration on soles, small pinkish stain on top of one sock which I haven't tried to remove, otherwise in good condition

Direct Sale: Metamorphose Pink Clip ($10 USD shipped) and Angelic Pretty Pink Brooch ($18 USD Shipped)


Direct Sale: Handmade Floral Headdress- Free, just pay for the shipping ($6.00 within the USA)
-I made this back when I had more sweet in my closet and now it no longer fits with my style
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, item:accessory, item:bolero, item:legwear, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie
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