primroseblossom (primroseblossom) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Pregnancy friendly lolita! Free waist/ loose shirring/ maybe plus size please!


I've been wearing lolita for years, and don't want to stop just because I'm having a baby ;) but obviously I can't wear my lovely fitted dresses for a while... So I'm looking for some beautiful items that will fit over my expanding belly!

Sweet, classical and bittersweet preferred but I'll look at anything cute really. As long as I don't have to face any more dowdy jeans and jumpers I'll be happy. I need to build up a mini-wardrobe to last the final 5 months so looking for blouses, dresses, skirts and salopettes. I've already got AP's Sugar Pansy (the free-waist Special Set version) so please don't show me that again but I'm really open to anything else you have <3

My feedback is here

Or here

Thankyou for your help :)

Tags: !wtb
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