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DS/DT: Innocent World, Peace Now, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Handmade

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1148864.html
International buyers welcome
I recently moved from one home to another, the former with 3 cats none of whom went anywhere near my clothes. If you've a concern, let me know.
Shipping from 14559, prices don't include shipping or PP fees.
Proof is Toothless!

Trades: Only interested in classic pieces in jewel tones and black, possibly Cats Tea Party and Cinema Doll JSKs both in grey (though I laugh at the extreme unlikelyhood of this)

1. Innocent World Striped OP BNWT

New, never worn OP from Innocent world with gorgeous lace and details on the neckline and sleeves. No shirring. Tried on, and it was too big. Recommended for someone with a 36" bust or so, I have a 33" bust. It was an item from their last sale, and I cannot bring up any stock information on it. I will be happy to take measurements if needed.


2. Innocent World Elsa headbow pink

IW Pink Bow
Excellent condition, worn a couple times by me. It's slightly salmony rather than baby pink, but it works well with other pink shades.
Lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/elsa-head-bow


3. Peace Now chiffon mini skirt

Peace Now Mini
NWT, I'm the second owner but neither of us wore it. It's really tiny in the waist. I have a 25" waist and the elastic is tight on me.


4. Secret Shop pink tea parties M (23.5 cm)

Pink Tea Party
Second owner, moderate condition, I only wore them a couple of times myself.


5. Bodyline white flats M (23.5 cm)

Bodyline Flats
First owner, worn a few times, good condition. Some light scuffing which I will attempt to remove before shipping.


6. Sweet Mildred Fairy Ribbon Headband

Sweet Mildred Sax Bow
New, worn once. Sweet Mildred from Etsy's ribbon bow in sax. It's a nice robin's egg blue headbow, comfortable, and very cute.

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, innocent world, item:hair accessory, item:miniskirt, item:onepiece, item:shoes, peace now, secret shop
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