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Terms of Sale!

- I ship from Berlin (germany) (Sorry, english is not my native language )
- I'm a private seller! I don't accept returns iff you don't like the Items
- International Buyers are welcome
- I accept bank transfer from Germany and EU (IBAN & BIC) and Paypal from the rest of the world
- I will add 4% for paypal fees
- Price are in USD ($) and EUR (€) (but i will invoice in €)
- Price to expensive? feel free to make a offer
- I accept a paymentplan when you pay a
non-refundable amount about 30% of total amount (starts of a amount of 100€)
- Payment must be made within 48 hours
- i have 100% positive feedback on eglfeedback and ebay
- my
- Smoke free appartment
- I have Cats but i try to keep them away from my closet and remove all hair.


For Germany: 4,50€ (with Tracking via Hermes)
For EU: $10 / 7,80€ (w/o tracking) / $21 / 17€ (with Tracking )
For World: $21 / 17€ (w/o tracking) / $38 / 31 € (with Tracking )

(I prefer to ship with tracking. With out tracking at your own risk)

- You want to see more Pictures? feel free to ask me


my proof is my fluffy pink leopard blanket :3

item 1:

Baby the Stars shine bright Swanlake Skirt in Red
Measurements: 58cm length, 62~66cm waist
bought secondhand, worn, good condition

Price: $80 / 65€ 

item 2:

Jane Marble Chandelier Highwaist Skirt
Measurements: 60cm length, 70~72cm waist
bought secondhand, worn, good condition

Price: $80 / 65€

item 3:

Baby the Stars shine bright Antoinette Bouquet Jsk 1
Measurements: 88cm length, 88cm bust, 76cm waist
bought Secondhand, worn once (sadly to big for me), good condition

Price: $120 / 95€

item 4:

Baby the Stars shine bright Tiara Gobelin Balloon JSK
Measurements: 91cm lengh, 84cm bust (maximal 86cm), 74cm waist
bought secondhand, never worn by me (to big for me), very good condition

Price: $86 / 70€

item 5:

Innocent World light mintgreen summer JSK
i dont know the name :(
Measurements: 89cm lengh, 86cm bust, 68 cm waist
bought second hand (i think i'm the third owner but i'm not sure), worne once by me, good condition
have only some very very light yellow stains under the arms and one on the skirtpart (but you can not see them in normal light)

Price: $65 / 50€

item 6:

Bodyline Chiffon blouse in creme/beige
Size: M
new with tag
never worn (to big for me)

Price: $40 / 30€
but i prefer to trade this for a other longsleeve chiffon blouse in ivory/beige/creme
please make me an offer :)
Maybe a blouse from Floral Notebook with Princesssleves

item 7:

Metamorphose Gothic Blouse
Measurements: 88cm bust, 70 cm waist (can make smaler with a waisttie in the back)
New without Tag, never worn, have some nice cross-lace

Price: $50 / 40€

item 8:

H&M Chiffon-heart Bolero and Offbrand dot-tulle blouse both in light Pink
both size S / EU 36/38

Price: together $15 / 12€

Blouse is still avaible for 5€

item 9

Vampire Coat handmade by a friend of mine
(coat from a visual kei cosplay -> Ruiza from D, but its also perfect for Ouji )
Measurements: 90 cm bust, 70cm waist, 150cm lenght

Price: $50 / 40€ (IMPORTANT: its very heavy, only shipping with trackingnumber is possible, shipping to germany for this is 6€ with Hermes)

accessory Sale:

Vampire Symphony Golden Rose Headdress
Price: $13 / 10€

Vampire Symphony X-mas Deer Headdress
Price: $35 / 28€

Vampire Symphony Gothic Deer Headdress
Price: $45 / 35€

Metamorphose Velvet Halfbonnet (ivory/creme)
without Tag
Price: $25 / 20€

this headdress will be for free when you will buy for more then 50€ from me :)
(i got this as gift some time ago but i never use it, it tont fits to my outfits)



both size EU 42
left: also fits a smal EU43
both worn once
left: $10 / 8€
right. $15 / 12€

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:cream, color:green, color:pink, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, handmade, indie brand, innocent world, item:accessory, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, item:skirt, jane marple, metamorphose, offbrand
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