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DS/DT: REDUCED Theatre de l'Erreur/Lost Paradise tights in sax! Open to random pieces for trade!


My feedback is here!

I only accept Paypal and am in the United States.

Allery alert!  I have one huge fluffy cat; so even though he doesn't touch the clothes, be aware if animal proximity affects your allergies.

I am looking to sell my new, in package Theatre de l'Erreur/Lost Paradise tights in sax.  They have been taken out of the package to be examined, but were put right back in following; never tried on.  I would keep them, but I cannot pull of sax and have no other sax items in my closet; I got them in a lot of all the Lost Paradise series items, but for some reason were the wrong color from everything else.  They are super stretchy and very tall-loli friendly!

I would like $30 shipped in the US (all inclusive) or $40 shipped international (all inclusive)!

I am also open to trade these for pretty much any brand/Taobao/offbrand lolita items.  I don't really need the money, so trading for any item that could match my wardrobe better would be super cool.  I mainly wear dark colors, blacks and reds, but also wear ivory.  Classic and gothic styles galore!


Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, color:blue
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