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DS!: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Ciciwork, An*tai*na shoes & Bodyline Cardigans

My feedback:
*Prices in US dollar
*Paypal only unless you live locally, in which we can arrange a time to meet up to pay by cash. NO ECHEQUES/LONG PAYMENT PLANS
*Shipping & Paypal fees are not included unless stated (Please ask and I'll give you an estimate. Difference will be refunded)
*Canada & US buyers preferred but International buyers are also welcomed. ^^
*I live in a non-smoking, cats and dog free house. All clothing will be cleaned & double wrapped before shipping.
*I'm not responsible for lost/stolen packages once shipped
*I always provide receipt and ship the next day unless it is a weekend/holiday, in which I will ship when the post office opens next
*Shipping from Vancouver, Canada

My pink little note with my username on it will be my evidence indicator. ^^

 photo IMG_3557.jpg

Innocent World Petit Ribbon Skirt: $80

 photo PB074645.jpg

 photo 89a96abb-94e2-4fe9-be44-fba74a04a627.jpg

In brand new condition. Worn once (first owner).
Features: Lining, Back shirring, Side zip
Waist: 60-74
Length: 45 (includes 6.5cm lace and frills)

Innocent World Angel Rose jumperskirt: $150   SOLD

 photo 63651341-b4f4-49db-9af0-c4763a079595.jpg

 photo 0473c47e-d9f3-463e-a22f-46dec529174f.jpg

 photo 3514269d-2ec9-4573-bf04-6d10df1f6bcc.jpg

Has a slight worn feeling but in very good condition still.
Has shirring on the back, side zipper and detachable waist ties.


Bust 32 inches to 36 inches
Waist 26 inches to 31 inches

Innocent World Round Collar Jabot Blouse ❤  SOLD

 photo 87c4fcae-012e-483a-a172-dc89be56b60d.jpg

 photo 6c94460f-fa07-4a7f-8f81-530d7252ef4d.jpg

In brand new condition. Worn once (first owner).
Features Detachable sleeves, Detachable waist ties, Jabot, Pintucks.


Bust: 90
Waist: 70
Length: 51
Shoulder width: 33cm
Sleeve length (short/long) : 21cm/60cm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cherry Patterned Mesh Bolero: $65

 photo 9d1db79e-4410-4103-9726-b1b232074c79.jpg

 photo 3e21c1fd-1055-4489-93d6-40c11b70404a.jpg

In brand new condition. Worn once (first owner).


Length of sleeves:19
Waist: 72.6
Length: 40

Innocent World Icing Cookie OTKs (Sax x offwhite) : $20 ❤      SOLD

 photo P7094187.jpg

 photo P7094188.jpg

Brand new, still in package. First Owner
I love this to bits but sadly it doesn't match anything in my wardrobe.

Ciciwork Gothic Rose Veil: $25 ❤  SOLD

 photo PB074647.jpg

In brand new condition. Worn once (first owner).
Gorgeous Gothic style veil but sadly it does not match my wardrobe. Has an alligator clip on the
back for easy attachment.

Bodyline Brown cardigan (size M): $25 USD

 photo PA034589.jpg

 photo PA034590.jpg

In brand new condition. Worn once (first owner). Sold out on their website.
It came to me with a very small white speck on the lace but it's not noticeable when worn.


Back center of length 50cm
Bust 82cm
Waist 74cm
Shoulder length 33cm
Sleeve lengh 58cm

❤ Bodyline White fuzzy cardigan: $20 USD ❤

 photo PA034586.jpg

 photo PA034587.jpg

Worn twice. Has a very small red stain on it. I don't know what it's from but it's not very noticeable.
First owner. Sold out on their website.

❤ An*Tai*Na White platforms (size 36/ 23.0/ 6.5-7): $22 USD ❤

 photo PA034580.jpg

 photo PA034581.jpg

 photo PA034582.jpg

 photo PA034583.jpg

 photo PA034584.jpg

In great condition. First owner.
There is a very faint blue stain on the inside, I assume from my socks/tights. Other than that, the shoes are in quite
good condition. there are very minor/faint scratches as pictured that are not visible when worn. These shoes are way too
big on me so I am selling them. Comes with detachable bows.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer them! ^^ I also have worn pictures of some of the dresses, so feel free to ask if you would like to see them!

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