lafarat (lafarat) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: HELP ME! Bodyline OP L066 in a 2L and Bodyline's Sailor OP COSTUME295

Hey folks! I'm on the hunt for Bodyline's L066 OP in a 2L, Red colorway only please! I have one already, and I plan on frankensteining the two dresses together for a fuller skirt. As such, staining or damage to the bodice is fine. The skirt being in good condition is the most important thing. I live in the USA, and would prefer sellers in North America.

Feedback is here:


Also STILL looking for Bodyline's COSTUME295 in a 4L, any colorway at all. No really, this would make my year:

The thirst is REAL. Yeah, I don't care where you live on this one. If you have this in a 4L and you're willing to sell it to me, international shipping is fine. PLEASE help me find this one!

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, bodyline, item:onepiece
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