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100% Positive feedback

- paypal only (fees included in price)

- I'm shipping from the UK

- prices are in pounds

- shipping is not included, ask me for a quote

- I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking (you'd have to pay the additional cost for tracking)

- all sales are final; no refunds.

This is a dress I've bought second hand. It doesn't have shirring, so it always felt a little tight. Bear in mind if you're bust 91 & waist 80 something like me.

The damage on this dress is a small spot where it got a little mold. I was devastated and tried everything I could find on the net to make it disappear and also took it to the cleaners where they dry cleaned it. It's barely noticeable in natural light.

The other issue it has, (and this one was a stupid mistake on my part) is the tiny velvet ribbon it had around the skirt part, inside the lace. I was going to iron it and, without noticing, the iron was too hot for the velvet ribbon which ended up kind of burned. I took it out with the intention of buying a replacement of the exact same colour but never got around to do it.

The dress is quite heavy, it's lovely to wear in the winter! I love the lace in it!

Measurements: as I said above, I would recommend to anyone below bust 91 and waist 85~ because the fabric doesn't stretch at all and it can feel quite tight. Waist ties are not removable.

Price: £60
(Reduced for around £20 from the original price)

It was REALLY difficult to photograph this dress. First of all, I had awful light; second, the fabric AND colour make it even harder to do it specially for a photography noob like me! So I gathered a few shots and also the one I took when I first got the dress.

All the photos (except one) were taken with flash so as to better capture the colour. The damage is barely noticeable in natural light.

Before damage:

No flash
With flash - another one
Lace detail with flash - extra
Damage - Damage 2

Any questions just ask!

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