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DS ; cute casual dresses, and wigs

A couple of things you need to know :
-Shipping is not included in the price, unless stated. Ask me and I'll tell you :)!
-I accept payments via Paypal, both regular and CC Paypal.
-My boyfriend smokes, but he only smokes outside
-Warning : I'm a rescue for stray/abandoned cats, so I have lots of cats! So there may be cat hair on my items but I will do my very best to remove them.
-Prices are in USD.
-The paypal fees are on me!

-If there is any problem, contact me so we can work something out. I haven't find any flaws on my items but we never know. I'm sometimes lunatic.
-Pay your invoice within 48h or I will consider that you're flaking on me and negative feedback will be left.
-Please allow me two weeks (should take less than that but just in case) for me to ship the items.

PLEASE NOTE ; I WILL NOT GIVE A FULL REFUND (unless the item is pretty destroyed haha) AND I WILL NOT TAKE THE ITEM BACK UNDER ANY CONSIDERATION. If there is a problem, contact me and you will be given appropriate compensation.

My eglfeedback page is here.
My wishlist is here.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS : I'd prefer not to sell internationally unless you are ready to pay crazy shipping prices. I'm not kidding ladies, 80$ for tracking for a jumperskirt. (I am mostly talking about overseas, shipping to the US is not really expensive, so don't be scared US ladies :))
1- Damaged Moitie OP

I’m selling this Moitie dress. Sorry I don’t know its name. Please note that it’s heavily damaged. The print is very faded at the sleeves. Take that into consideration when buying. It’s a lovely dress but not in my color palette.

Will fit a large range of size since it’s fully shirred!

Feel free to make an offer, I am kind of unsure if my pricing is fair.

Price : 175$ NOW 140$ 125$

2- Metamorphose cat dress


Here’s a lovely Meta dress for sale! Sorry I don’t know the real name. There’s a cat on it! :) it has a few threads hanging out, and THERE IS NO WAIST TIES.

I am not sure about the measurements, but I’m 90cm bust and 78 cm waist and it fits me fine. I wouldn’t go much bigger than that because it gets uncomfortable at the underarm area.

Price : 150$ 130$

3- GLW wig

Back of the wig and frizziness
(Dammit why are my pictures so big, sorry!!!!)
GLW wig, second owner. Frizzy, will need some TLC.

Price : 20$

4- GLW wig (classic wavy)

Back of the wig
Some frizziness

Frizzy but still in good shape!

Price : 30$

Thank you very much for reading my post. Please don't be shy to make an offer, I need money. Unless you want to make a ridiculous offer, then don't :P

Tags: !ds, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:wigs, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie
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