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!DS: 3 Angelic Pretty Pullip Dolls: Maretti, Cocotte & Sucre

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Prices in USD. I ship from Oregon, USA.
I combine shipping.
Outside of USA must pay by gift as I ship untracked internationally (It's +$14.65 more just for tracking)

Holds: I will do holds if you are certain to you are going to purchase, I require your PP address for invoicing rather than a nonrefundable 20%. This is to deal with flakey buyers.

Angelic Pretty dolls - Maretti (Wonder Party), Cocotte (Toy Parade/Fantasy?), Sucre (Sugary Carnival)
Condition: Maretti & Cocette: Like new, only used for display and hair is still wrapped in plastic. Comes with doll, all clothing, box, but I'm missing their ID card. Sucre: Hair is not wrapped in plastic (she was my first doll)
Price: Maretti & Cocette: $110 USD each. Sucre $100 USD
Shipping: +$12 USD shipped and tracked within the USA in an ENVELOPE. Dolls will be packed in their original boxes inside an ENVELOPE. I don't have a box large enough to fit the original box, otherwise I would ship them in a box. +$27 USD untracked internationally via original box inside envelope, only paid via gift as I ship untracked internationally!

Cocotte & Sucre's shoe ties are untied because I can't tie a pretty bow to save my life.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, item:novelty
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