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DS: 2 ETC dresses, Chocobunnies & Gentleman Rabbits


All prices are in USD
Prices include fees (3.9%+$0.50 SGD)
I ship from Singapore only with Registered Mail, usually within 3 – 4 days after payment.
All shipping is overestimated to cover registered mail (+2.50USD)and other miscellaneous fees, excess will always be refunded.
In the case it is underestimated, the difference will be requested.
Won’t be accepting payment plans unless they can be done asap, and full paying buyers will come first.
No trades

Note: I'll be away in Melbourne from the 29th of October to the 10th of November. If there are any Australian buyers for either dresses, I can bring them up and ship over there.

ETC Cupcakes & Chocolate Bunnies Print Sleeveless OP (Shipping Included)

210 USD

 photo 146171-349-2014-08-16593991_zpsc68e2c01.jpg

Lolibrary Link

Back Shirring
Max Bust: 98cm

Velvet type straps, decorated with chocolate (lindt LOL) bunnies, cupcakes, spoons, stripes and polkadots.
2nd hand, worn once by me, decided to let go of some of my food related dresses. No flaws that I can see.

ETC Gentleman Rabbit Babydoll JSK (Shipping Included)

290 USD

 photo 194678-349-2014-10-14721573_zps3d6d81e8.jpg

 photo 194678-349-2014-10-14525218_zpsdedc1222.jpg

Lolibrary Link

Helping a friend sell, will only mention all that I can see on dress. ? owner, damages were already there when she got the dress. A rare print!

Bust: ~90CM is the max before it just looks too weird.
Free waist (Babydoll version)

A rarer print from Emily Temple Cute. Made out of a heavier polyester, its a great print adorned with rabbits in suits and cutlery. I don’t know if the original dress had extra ribbon straps but one of them is currently frayed, the straps are easily hidden if needed (see photo).

Please note that any requests beyond my control will be referred back to my friend and I will get back to you asap.

Feel free to head to comment here or on lacemarket.

Thanks for looking! :)
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