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DT/DS: BNWT Btssb shoes; DS: 2 skirts, SS tea party shoes

Please Read This First!

★Prices include paypal fees - domestic shipping is listed, please inquire for international prices
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★Holds available with a 50% nonrefundable deposit
★I am not interested in trades unless otherwise noted
★All measurements listed should be considered amateur
★Feedback can be found at my journal here (+35) and at eglfeedback here (+46)
★Please ask if you have any questions!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Antique Ribbon Shoes

$160 OBO + shipping (domestic: $13; inquire for international)

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes

Bought brand-new via ClobbaOnline from Secret Shop.
Size M/23.5, would probably best fit around a size US 7, as they are slightly big on me at size 6-6.5.
Some minor damage/scuffing on the toes and inside surface due to the material being softer than other colors of SS’s shoes.
damage 1
damage 2
damage 3

$40 + shipping (domestic: $7 for bubble mailer, $13 for box; inquire for international)

Handmade Yellow Cupcake Skirt

I bought this from someone on egl_comm_sales, who had made it to fit up to a 32″ waist. A friend replaced the elastic in the back to fit my waist at 24″, but it can still stretch to accommodate the original size and the elastic could easily be replaced again for comfort if needed.
Length – 20″
Lined with white fabric.
Matches the above shoes perfectly!
print close-up

$20 + shipping (domestic: $7; inquire for international)

Shirley Temple Pink Dot Skirt

Shirley Temple’s size 160 – elastic band in back allows it to fit up to 26.5″ waist.
Length is 20.5″ – skirt is knee-length on me at 5’5″ (165cm) with no petticoat.
Has a hidden pocket!
bow detail

$35 + shipping (domestic: $7; inquire for international)
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