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2qDS/DT! Closet Cleaning~ Taking Trades! cheap cheap cheap!

Prices are US dollars

I Accept Paypal only
If you want other information or photos let me know
I have a dog he doesn't shed , in a smoke free home~ :3
My feedback http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1785664.html
Priority goes to US buyers OR people buying multiple items~

once the payment is cleared. I will ship within 1-2 (normally the next day tho)
I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages once it leaves me, I will always include tracking with all shipping to the US

I am accepting trades! I US trades preferred!

International shipping is an extra $25 flat rate and comes with tracking!
20% Non Refundable Deposit for Holds and Payment plans

DS/DT: Dreamy Dollhouse Round JSK (PINK) (On Hold til Nov 10)

ap_jsk_dreamydollhouseround_color2 (1)

MEASUREMENTS: 85cm length, 89~99cm bust, 69~79cm wais

Asking Price: $185 shipped within the US
Flaw: I dont see any flaws, but the dress has somewhat of a worn feeling to it, I got this dress in a trade but I decided it is too sweet for me. I am the third owner.

Proof: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/2B493E34-7447-461E-AA43-A80C5EDC2D18_zpscvqlol9p.jpg

DS/DT: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Rose OP (Brown) (SOLD)



Asking Price: $87 Shipped to US~

Sleeve length:

I believe its an older dress (2004?) I just got this dress in the mail but sadly it was too big in the bust for me, Comes with deatachable sleeves and waists. Still in very good condition for its age.

DS/DT: Bodyline OP (Wine)


Size M

Asking Price: $45 shipped within the US
Got in the bodyline luckypack, I believe I am the first owner, worn only once~ comes with the matching choker and the and deatachable sleeves. The only flaw is that it is missing a couple of buttons that attach the sleeves to the dress, but that is easily fixed. Please let me know if you have any questions or more picures^^
Proof: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/D951F612-524B-4D9D-9F7B-D300C957E10C_zpsqnsjgcu6.jpg

DS/DT: Angelic Pretty Dreamy-horoscope OP (BLACK)
Lolibery: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/dreamy-horoscope-op

Asking Price $300 shipped within the US
I love this dress to peices ;w;
Flaw: Missing detachable waist ties and neck ties, the person who sold me this dress did not tell me that these were missing which is a shame. Otherwise the dress is in good condition! let me know if you need any extra pictures^^
Proof: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/BA44F23A-B467-4C9C-9AD7-33A0FF77F2AF_zpskcewqxlw.jpg

DS/DT! Victorian Madian Noble Check Dress OP

Hellolace: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/victorian-maiden/type/op/item/31/
Asking Price: $101 shipped within the US
Proof: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/BEA5B382-A5BA-4A53-BF97-E9435F665D22_zpsscay5gok.jpg

MEASUREMENTS: 90cm length, 37cm shoulder width, 90cm bust, 70cm waist, 193cm around hem

Note: It does not come with the underskirt, this is how to reseived this! You will need an underskirt in order to wear this dress because it has an opened bussle in the back!

DS/DT: Alice and the Pirates Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box OP + Headbow (Yellow)
Lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/drosselmeyers-wonder-box-op

Asking Price: $250 $230 $200 $185 shipped to US
Measurements: Bust:  93 ,Waist  73, Length:  95
No Flaws from what I can see, its a bit too big on me :(
Proof: http://s29.photobucket.com/user/Ayasal/media/2014-03-21154247_zps7263aa76.jpg.html?filters[user]=10784883&filters[recent]=1&filters[publicOnly]=1&sort=1&o=1

DS/DT: Innocent World Heidi JSK (black)
Lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/heidi-jsk

DS/DT: Bodyline BLACK Bow OP (size M)

Asking Price: $30 Shipped to US
Proof: http://s29.photobucket.com/user/Ayasal/media/Mobile%20Uploads/F454823D-6869-4F0F-AC91-A0A34B43A480_zps2rlcta7n.jpg.html?sort=3&o=16

Brand New with Tags no flaws from what I can see.

DS/DT: OFFBRAND Black Sheer Over-dress (SOLD)


Asking Price: $15 shipped to US

I bought this second hand and was never told that it was rather ichy around the arm holes, but I am sure it is easily fixed somehow. Flaw: It has this very faint pink mark and piling in the front of the dress which is not nodiciable.

Flaw: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/4E4E4EF7-0750-4E10-B78C-E99D99BD1B87_zps3k3sklri.jpg & http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/CC47BD22-6C9C-4719-BF8B-21EB2CAFCBAA_zps9ku8qe8n.jpg

DS/DT: Offbrand(liz lisa?) Pink Sheer dot Blouse
Asking Price: $28 shipped to US
comes with a  detachable lace ribbon
I was told this blouse is from Liz Lisa but they said they took off the tag. So I can't say for sure how correct they are since there is no tag or label to prove it. I would just label this off-brand because of that.
More pictures:

DS/DT: Bodyline Pokadot bow comfy shorts
Asking Price: $12 shipped to US
Got from my bodyline luckypack~ Never worn!

DS: Bodyline Pink Wrist cuffs
Asking Price: $10 shipped to US
Brand New and never worn, I bought it stright from the bodyline website, but it wasnt the shade of pink that i wanted ><

DS: Baby The stars shine Bright (whitexpink) wrist cuffs(On Hold til Nov 10)

Asking Price: $15
Proof: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c275/Ayasal/Mobile%20Uploads/2D05724F-0103-46E6-9DA5-3C3953DDDEB4_zpsjx3la4sh.jpg

DS/DT: Offbrand Skirt
946F74EF-78A7-499C-B501-C11FC82BDEE2_zpsyvpqg0rx (1)
Asking price: $15 shipped to US
brand new with tags, it has can extra layer of tulle with ribbon and lace at the bottom.
More pictures: http://s29.photobucket.com/user/Ayasal/media/Mobile%20Uploads/B73ABE65-8862-4D7A-A524-D49ABCB5F330_zpss9xn3myg.jpg.html?sort=3&o=19

DS/DT: Bodyline Red Skirt

Asking Price: $15 Shipped to US
I got this Skirt in my bodyline luckypack... i believe its part of the skirt from one of their wa lolita sets. message me for measurements if anyone's interested

Brand New Bodyline White Shoes (Size 23cm)

Asking Price: $38 shipped within the US
Bought new with the bodyline website! Never Worn out^^
I ship in a flat rate padded envelope and i do the best to protect it, but if you would like them to be shipped in a box it will be an extra $7 for shipping.


$_57$_57 (1)
Asking Price: $75 $70 $60 Shipped to US
Length: 86 cm, bust 80cm, 68cm
(the dress has no stretch so it wont fit if you are any larger then those measurements! T^T)
I bought this dress second hand and did not fit me >< retail price for this dress is over $300
Back Ribbon: $_57 (2)
worn picture: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTAwWDUwMA==/z/E~4AAOSwd4tTs3jb/$_1.JPG?rt=nc

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:grey, color:pink, color:red, item:jumperskirt
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