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!DS - Mary Magdalene Saint Claire OP (Midi, 2008) in Pink

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Location: United Kingdom


Hi everyone ^_^. Due to unexpected bills & finding my dream dress I am desperate for some money. I have laid out some specifications for buying below, and I would appreciate it immensely if you could read. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to PM me :)

- I accept paypal only

- Prices are in GBP and will be invoiced this way

- Shipping is included in price, it will be sent tracked

- I do not charge paypal fees

- I reserve the right to sell to whomever I wish to

- Please note the colour may differ depending on monitors (please ask for additional pics if needed)

- Please also note I have a dog. He isn't allowed in my room, and I try to keep my clothes very much de-furred, but please bear in mind if you have allergies

- All sales are final so please read carefully; I am not responsible for misread information

- Please only serious buyers!!!

- I am open to reasonable offers, please PM me

- I will consider payment plans, but preference will be given to those able to pay in full


I am selling my Mary Magdalene St Claire OP Midi in the pink colourway. It is a stunning dress!! The condition seems to be very nearly perfect, despite it's age, although I did cut a small piece of thread on the cuffs (pictures will show this - it's easy enough to fix).

Unfortunately I have never been able to fit into it ;_; I've had issues with my arms being too wide before (with any sort of fitted sleeves), especially around the elbow joint. I've decided there's no way my arms will ever be small enough, so have decided to sell.

Measurements (according to lolibrary - I can take some more if needed):

Bust: 88cm
Waist: 66cm
Length: 97cm

There is no shirring, and it is fully lined (except the cuffs and bottom of the skirt). The top bow is detachable, and the waist ties on the back are not detachable.

Proof Pic:
proof pic

More photos:

dress 2





^ The final photo shows where I snipped the tiny piece of fabric, to give more wiggle room in the arms (it did help a bit, but not enough). It's underneath the buttons and slightly below the back of the sleeve bow. It was only a very tiny piece of fabric, so should be easy enough to sew back.


Price: £230 (includes Worldwide tracked shipping).

Please PM me with any questions you might have! ^_^
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