dollofshangrila (dollofshangrila) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB!: Old School, VM, Old BTSSB, Etc.

Old School Lolita Enthusiast.
Have some old dresses in your closet? I love old pieces.
Need more Space? Let me take it off your hands!
Have a piece that needs some TLC? I have some pretty decent sewing skills for light to moderate damage.
Send me a picture my loves <3
Mostly interested in Classical and Gothic styles. I like sweet with a very fantastical bent.
I am sad to say my skin tone can not really handle most red...some burgundy and deeper reds I can, but it is rare.
My measurements are a little busty.
My minimum in the bust is 91cm. I sit best around 93cm.
My minimum in the waist is 70cm. I sit best around 75cm.
My minimum in the hips is 84cm. I have yet to find a garment which gives me trouble in the hips.
I do have larger biceps so if it is a one piece where the sleeves set as such I will send you measurements.
My wardrobe is mostly black, white, gray, and sax.
I especially would love old style headresses and interesting socks.
My favorite brand is Victorian Maiden, and I adore older BTSSB.
Feel free to send links to your sales as well <3
Tags: !wtb, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, victorian maiden
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