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Hello Everyone! I am trying to sell some of my Lolita/ J-Fashion items that don't really fit me/ have been sitting neglected in my closet for a bit :/ I hope you all find something you like!

Some Basic Info:

1. I ship from California, USA.
2. These prices DO NOT include PayPal fees or Shipping Charges, and all of these prices are in USD
3. All of these items come from a pet-free, smoke-free home.
4. I will ship your items within about 1-1.5 weeks from when I get your payment - I will aim to do it faster tho ^__^ And if you need something urgently, please let me now and we can definitely work something out.
5. I only accept PayPal.
6. If you are interested in an item, please provide me with your Zip Code (if you reside in the U.S.) or your country so that I can calculate your shipping costs.
7. You can find my egl feedback here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/2587031.html
    My feed back page is empty because this is my first time selling on the comm BUT there is a link to my ebay feedback ^_^
8. I would really prefer NOT to do holds at this time because I need the money, but if you desperately want something and are very serious about buying it, talk to me and maybe we can work something out! :D
9. If you commit to an item, I ask that you pay me within 3 days ~  I am sorry for this rule but I have had some issues with people asking for an item then not paying for it :( If you are very serious about an item but need for time, please just let me know and we can work something out ^__^

Enchantic Enchantilly (Formerly Chantilly) Bow Pin: $18.00- SOLD THANK YOU :D

I purchased this very cute black and white bow pin w/ faux crystals from the Harajuku Hearts booth at Sakura- Con in 2012! I met the Chantilly designer herself and she spoke to me about this bow :D I have only worn this pin twice - it was mostly whilst wandering around Sakura Con and it was pinned to my jacket. There are a few scuffs on the biggest crystal, but they aren't super noticeable and they were already on the crystal when I bought the pin :/



Emma Short Sleeve Bolero, Medium: $75.00 SOLD!

I purchased this bolero directly from the Innocent World website in 2013. I have only put it on once (that's when I found out it was too small for me ;__; )

Some Stock Images ~

My Images:

The bow that's in the middle of the bolero is actually a pin! You can see the pin backing here:

There are cute bows on the sleeves of the bolero ~ they are not removeable!

The sleeves are elastisized and have cute ribbon design on the lace - the lace on the sleeves is a different design than on the rest of the bolero.

Lace Detail on the bolero :D

Ivied Logo Overknee Socks: $20.00 SOLD - Thank You!

I tried these on once and found that they were a bit too tight for me :/



Story of Queen and Angels Headbow: $22.00 SOLD!

Only tried this on once or twice!

Stock Images:
headbow close up
headbow full

My Images:


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cherry and Strawberry Over the Knee Socks: $30 SOLD!

I bought these from the BTSSB Store in San Francisco 4-5 years ago and they have been sitting neglected in my closet since then. I don't think I have even tried them on!





Liz Liza Sweater: $90

I purchased this sweater from the Maru Q store located in the New People Buidling in San Francisco last year I believe? I have only tried this sweater on twice and have decided to sell it because it doesn't look that great on me :/ There is a small thread on the back of one sleeve that has kinda come unwoven, but it was already like that when I purchased the sweater!


I don't know how well I captured this BUT this sweater is super adorable because it has thing irridescent thread running all through it ~ it makes the sweater shiny but not overwhelmingly so! This is the front of the sweater ~

Back of the Sweater!

The front of the sweater has cute netting and ribbons ~


Netting and ribbons woven into the sweater ~

There is a small thread coming out of the back of the left sleeve - it was like this when I purchased it-  I didn't notice it until I started taking pics of this sweater for sales posts :/

The pulled thread is in this picture, kind of in the middle of the sleeve - its not terribly big and it shouldn't cause too much of a problem when you are wearing it.

Sixh (by IBI) Pants: $110.00
Inseam Measurement - 30.25 inches

I purchased these pants at the h.Naoto Booth at Sakura-Con in 2012  ~ Naoto-san himself was at the booth! I have only tried these pants on a couple of times. These pants are AMAZING I am just too short to fit them properly! The waist band is quite stretchy - I have a 36 inch waist and they can still stretch a bit more. There are sheer panels on these pants that stretch across the thigh area and down the leg w/ a really nice design on them. The design is also sparkly! ^__^ I measured the waist band flat unstretched, it comes to about 12.5-13 inches. If i stretch the band as hard as I can, you can add on at least 4-5 more inches of space to that measurement!


Sixh (by IBI) Scarf: $40.00 SOLD!

I also purchased this scarf from the h.Naoto booth at Sakura-Con in 2012. I have never used this scarf - just worn it around my neck a few times at home for like a minute or two. The design is beautiful and sparkly! This scarf is long and a bit narrow ~ it's about 8 feet long and 5 inches wide, so you can wrap it around your neck once or twice to get a good length going!


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