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DS Bodyline JSK, Lockshop Wig, Offrbrand Skirt and Wig

Feedback (Last feedback comment for EGL Comm is from March, in my personal journal it's July)
Items are posted from Ireland (Republic of.). Everything is priced in Euro € and includes tracking worldwide if stated.
I can combine postage and will consider offers espeically if buying more than one item.

Thanks to mods on the quick reply with an error in the post, I've corrected it and hope there's nothing else wrong.

If you have any concerns about what's below, please pm me.
☆ Priority to the buyer who can pay first.
★ Payment plans may be possible, please contact me about this.
☆ Holds only with a non refundable deposit, due to buyers dropping out.
★ Allergy Warning! There is a smoker and a dog in my household, my house also suffers from damp (it has been recently repaired). I try to keep all my sales items away from these things but it's not always possible, please keep these in mind.
☆ Refunds are not given for items “not fitting”, please ask all sizing questions before making a purchase. Any item returned it is at the buyers cost.

Bodyline Yellow JSK l547 SOLD (through facebook)

  • Condition: NWTs, has been tried on

  • Price: €50 (approximately GBP43.32 / USD63.66) including P&P w/ tracking worldwide

  • Size: 2L Back center of length 93cm, Bust 88-94cm, Waist 80-86cm, IMO it could go to maybe 110cm, it can fit on my 118cm hips.

  • Other Comments: Bought in March, no reason to sell other than I don't think I'll get time to wear it.Navy Skirt w/ waist t

Auburn wig

  • Price: €21.50 (approximately GBP16.94 / USD27.36) including PNP w/ tracking worldwide, previously €25

  • Condition: Brand new without tags

  • Other comments: tried on only for this reference photo to send the company I bought from, I had received the wrong wig in an order and don't need it. I bought it from Insomnium wigs.


Lockshop curly black wig

  • Price: €21.50 (approximately GBP16.94 / USD27.36) including PNP w/ tracking worldwide, previously €25

  • Condition: 2nd owner, only tried on

  • Faults: None that I can see

  • Other Comments: I bought this from Livejournal, have no way of telling for sure it's Lockshop but it's fantastic quality and was sold to me as that brand.




Tags: !ds, *plus size, bodyline, color:brown, color:yellow, handmade, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, item:wigs
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