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!DT/DS: Berry Garden OP for any JSK from my Wishlist

My feedback:

I have Angelic Pretty's Berry Garden OP in white with the strawberry apron they released at the same time in the red and white colorway. If you aren't interested in the apron, let me know and I'll keep it. I wore it once for less than five minutes to try it on before deciding it doesn't suit me. I'm looking to trade it for something I'll actually wear. If I can not find a dress to trade for, I'll sell the OP and apron together for $400(usd) + shipping.

This is my dress~


These are what I'd accept in exchange~

I'm mostly looking for this: in any color that isn't red, but will accept anything listed below as well. (I'm more likely to pick your offer if your dress has socks or another accessory with it)

Angelic Pretty:

Sweet Cream House jsk
Any colorway

Sweet Cream House high-waist jsk
Any colorway

Wonder Party Shirring jsk
In brown, pink, or sax

Cameo Window tiered jsk
In pink or brown

Melty Cream Donut jsk
Any colorway

Jewel Ribbon Shirring jsk
Brown x pink only

Jewel Ribbon tiered jsk
Brown x pink only

Classic Melody Switching jsk
Ivory or pink


This is the only Baby dress I'm specifically looking for, but that doesn't mean I don't like others, feel free to show me whatever you have!

Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry jsk, either version
Any except red or black, L size

Don't see something you have to offer on my list? There may be things I like that I've not seen yet, so please feel free to ask if I'm interested! All pieces must fit up to a bust of ~110cm and a waist of ~89cm. If they're slightly smaller (within 5-7cm) that's okay too. I mostly like pinks, blues, whites, and browns, but I will at least look at everything!
Pm me with any questions <3
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