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!DS Reductions! Look at all that AATP stuff!

My feedback :

I'm located in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

All prices are in EURO

Paypal fees are NOT included in the price

Shipping is NOT included in the price

The first one to give me the paypal adress have the item

I don't smoke, and i don't have any animals

I AN VERY INTERESTED TO TRADE (mostly with AATP or gothic items)
Feel free to ask for a paiement plan!

Cock Robin jsk I in navy
Alice and the Pirates

220 EURO 200 EURO

This JSK is in perfect condition, there is no noticable flaws.
The straps are removable, the bow too. It is not corseted and has a shirring.

Measurement : 98cm Bust max

(The pic is too bright, the shiny part and the lace part are supposed to be black and the rest is dark navy)

Relief Print Princess Skirt in black/navy
Alice and the Pirates


I'n not the first owner and the dress have a flaw (that i repaired already) on the inside,
next to the buttonso it's not noticeable at all
It doesn't have a shirring.
The Lace and the bustle back are black, the print is navy, black and white.

Lolibrary measurement : 50cm lenght, 64cm waist

Pic of the flaw. When the skirt iz zipped you don't see it, and it cause no problem to wear it.

Circus print JSK in ivory/brown with headbow
Alice and the Pirates


The set is in good condition for its age, no noticable flaws
The bow is wired and the dress is corseted
You can remove the 2 back bow things at the back of the jsk, as well as the flower and the bow.

Measurement : 90cm max (you can gain a few cm when you remove the bows), around 76cm waist

Ribbon Galop White blouse
Alice and the Pirates


The Blouse is in good conditions, in am the first owner and i worn it less than 5 times.
(The bow is also nice as a headdress!)

Lolibrary measurement : 99cm bust (it was too small for me, i would say less than 95 cm), 76cm waist, 68cm sleeve length, 34cm shoulder

Pink and white dress

Anna House


I am the first owner of this dress and i didn't worn it much, si it's in very good condition.
It has a big shirring and can fit the queen size

(flat measurement) 40 cm bust (minimum, but it fits large to a 90cm bust), 37 cm waist, 50 cm skirt lenght

Black and pink Chain Bouquet Print Long JSK
Alice and the Pirates

150 EURO 120 EURO 100 EURO

Bought it new at the store and worn a lot of time, si the black lace whitened a bit but not enough to be seen.

90~117cm length
85cm bust
72cm waist

Thanks for reading!
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