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DS: DT: Brand only! JetJ Bibliotheque JSK, two IW boleros, IW cutsew, IW socks

Welcome to my sales post!
Please take a look! :)

1. Juliette et Justine "La bibliotheque 2013" JSK ON HOLD
£165 shipped to UK
£175 shipped worldwide
Size 2, antique brown
I am the first owner.
Dress wa sworn couple of times, it's still in percect condition.
Bust 93cm
Waist 73cm

2. Innocent World "Sophia" bolero in brown SOLD
£55 shipped to UK
£65 shipped worldwide
I am the first owner.
Bolero is from 2011 I think but it's still in very good condition.
Bust 95cm max

3. Innocent World pearskin bolero jacket in brown
£55 shipped to UK
£65 shipped worldwide
I am the first woner.
Bolero is in worn but perfect condition
Bust 93cm
Waist 74cm

4. Innocent World cream knitted cutsew SOLD
£35 shipped to UK
£40 shipped worldwide
Bought second hand from Japanese auction site, but it seems to be brand new, never worn.
It still has got label attached.
I tried to find it's name but no luck...
Bust 95cm max
Waist 80cm max

5. Innocent World socks
Brand new, never worn.
I am the firs owner

each pair £20 shipped to UK
£25 shipped worldwide
Pair with discoloration:
£18 shipped to UK, £23 shipped worldwide

BROWN (on the right) SOLD
There is a discoloration on one sock, I don't know why...
They has been locked in my wardrobe, never worn as I don't wear socks, for the same reason
they were never washed. It might come off in washing. Hense cheaper price.

I accept trades oly for desses from my wishlist:

Older sales:

And now the boring but important bit:

* I ship from UK and all the currencies are in British Pounds

* I accept ONLY Paypal (NO E CHEQUES!)

*I can combine shipping costs for more than two items which means lower total price!

* I always keep a proof of postage (recipt).
I try to post everything using the cheapest simple shipping (air mail),
but if you wish I can post your parcel tracked, recorder with additional cost (please ask!)

* After shipping, I have no control over the parcel and I can't be responsible for lost and damaged parcels.
Morover if the parcel would be lost (fingers crossed!) unfortunately I won't be able to give refund

* I have two  cats so please be aware of that when deciding to buy from me!
I do keep them away from my Lolita clothes but there might be a chance that you will find one or two kittie hair :)

* I accept payment plans!
I will require a non refundable £50 deposit payed upfront.

* My feedback link is here:http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1368728.html

Thank you for checking my listing!
Mini Mo

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