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DS: F+F Wool Coat, Bodyline Products, Head Accessories, Shoes, Pink!

I'm selling my fanplusfriend lolita wool winter coat. I bought this coat two
years ago and have only worn it once. It is in brand new condition. I hate
to get rid of it, but I am in need of some cash for more important things )':

This coat is a size 90 in fanplusfriend sizes.
The measurements are as follows:

  • UK: size 18

  • US: size 16

  • Bust: 40in/102cm

  • Waist: 32in/81cm

  • Hip: 42in/107cm


I'm including the original link to this coat so you can see better and
professional pictures.

My Images: (sorry if they're bad!)



  • Cape IS included (see link above for images of cape)

  • Removable fur cuffs/ collar

  • Adjustable corset back

This coat is just as beautiful worn as it is in pictures! (Just doesn't look the best on me! >_<) So please, do not let my images mislead you!

Shipping from US
Price: $150USD shipped
+$10USD shipping international

This is another coat that I purchased a couple years ago that I have grown out of, but it still in good condition and still very warm in the winter!

Size: XL (Will fit best on bust size C cup and under)



  • This coat is made of a warm wool-like material (not sure what fabric it is) which keeps you nice and toasty on those cold days!

  • Has removable floppy ears

  • Cute bow accents

This coat has been worn several times, but is still in good shape! No rips or loose parts.This coat looks adorable on! Hugs the curves of the body just right and has a beatiful flare bottom.

Shipping from US
Price: $50USD shipped
+$10USD shipping international

Below are a couple Bodyline products that I have not worn/only worn once and have just been wasting away in my closet!

This is a cotton plaid bunny cardigan! This shirt has only been worn once or twice. Has been sitting around being unused and would love to be shown off to the world!


  • Heart shaped buttons in the front

  • Painted on white angel wings on back (very light and unable to get a good picture of them. However, they were very pale when I purchased the shirt)

  • Floppy bunny ears (back of ears is the solid red plaid pattern)

  • Adjustable hood ribbons

  • Elastic sleeves (these were modified myself)

Close-up picture of modified elastic sleeves.

Shipping from US
Price: $30USD shipped

+$10USD shipping international

This is a Bodyline headband that I bought a few years ago and never ended up wearing. It is adorable! But just one of those things that ended up not being my style after purchase ):


  • One size fits all band

  • Silk ribbon ruffles and flower accents

  • Small plush bunnies on both sides

Shipping from US
Price: $5USD shipped
+$5USD shipping international

Next up we've got a few Annahouse products! (I love Annahouse)

This is a beautiful white corset back blouse! I have worn this shirt only about two times. Sadly, it does not fit me so well in the bust area any longer ): But is still in very good shape! However, it is missing one button.


  • Size: XL (suggested a C cup and under wears)

  • Corest back

  • Beautiful lace accents

  • Sleeves are fixed size (no elastic) and can be tight on bigger arms

Picture of the missing button. Easy fix, I just don't have pearl buttons to fix it myself.

Shipping from US
Price: $35USD shipped
+$10USD shipping international

Red cake bow headband! I have two of these for some reason, so I am getting rid of the one I do not wear. Nothing wrong with it.


  • Lovely cake pattern!

  • Can sit flat on head, or stand straight up. Very flexable, but sturdy fabric

  • Headband fits all sizes

Shipping from US
Price: $10USD shipped
+$5USD shipping international

Shoes! Who doesn't love these?! Anna house white bow shoes.

These shoes have been worn quite a few times, but are still in good shape. They have a couple scuff marks on them, but those can be easily removed with the proper tools and know-how (which I don't have). There is a couple spots where the bows are coming up slightly, but nothing that some simple glue can't fix! They are missing the ankle straps, because I cannot find them for the life of me! (sorry >_<)


HK 37
UK 5 (ish)
US 7 (ish)
I am unsure on the size of these shoes because they have a "37" stamped on them and I believe that it is HK size (or Europe). However, they do fit my feet and I normally wear a 7-71/2 US size.

Shipping from US
Price: $25USD shipped
+$10USD shipping international

The remaining products are misc. things that I've picked up here and there to go with different outfits, and then never ended up wearing more than a couple times (if not any).

This is a petticoat I bought off ebay a few years ago and modded to be the fit that I prefered. It is not the most beautiful of modding jobs, but it does a good job and giving the cupcake effect under a dress or skirt. It is sewn inside out (on accident), but if its under a skirt/dress, you won't be able to see it!

Close-up shot of the color and the material.


  • Size L-XL

  • Sewn inside out (on accident), but still gives a cupcake look.

  • Pretty light pink color

Shipping from US
Price: $15USD shipped
+$10USD shipping international

Feel free to ask any questions at all! I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability!
I am willing to do combination prices (buying more than one item), along with shipping negotiations.
Thanks for looking!

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