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DS: 【All Brand NEW】 Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes, Dolly Fur Boots, Dress Up Shoes, etc..


*some items are brand new, and some are used. condition is indicated for each.
*payment method: paypal only (transaction fee:2.9%+$0.3)
*all prices are in USD
*all prices do not include shipping cost
*all items can ship world wide
*all items are shipped from Vancouver,Canada
*Local face trades are welcome
*no refund and exchange
*please leave me the correct address after you paid
*inform me after the payment is completed(especially for e-check)
*once the items had sent, i am not responsible to custom duties and any  lost or damage during the shipping.
*first paid first serve. even you had made your order, if your payment is not completed. your items will be sold to other customers who can pay first.

SS9831 Pretty Grosgrain Ribbon Sandels
Pink, Size 24cm

 photo IMG_3566_zpsc4097ab8.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zpsda1c1abf.jpg

SS9807 Tea Party Shoes
Yellow, size 23.5cm

 photo IMG_3559_zps79e39ec3.jpg

SS9807 Tea Party Shoes
Pink, size 25cm
 photo IMG_3558_zps6c6cdc4f.jpg

SS9807 Tea Party Shoes
Brown, size 25cm
 photo IMG_3555_zps82bbcb39.jpg

SS9807 Tea Party Shoes
Red, size 24.5cm
 photo IMG_3554_zpse3905c83.jpg

SS9828 Thick Sole Ribbon Lace Up Shoes
Black, size 23.5cm

 photo IMG_3545_zpse0f6cd15.jpg

SS9829 Princess Ribbon Shoes
Mint, size 23.5cm

 photo IMG_3544_zps29b7c788.jpg

SS9825 Charming Ribbon Shoes
White, size 24.5cm

 photo IMG_3541_zps7378c6a7.jpg

SS9810 Dress Up Shoes
Pink, size 23.5cm

 photo IMG_3540_zps22ecee41.jpg

SS9810 Dress Up Shoes
Black, size 23.5cm, 24.5cm
 photo IMG_3538_zps7b54aea5.jpg

SS9502 Dolly Fur Boots
Pink, size 24.5cm

 photo IMG_3533_zps5023d0bb.jpg
 photo IMG_3530_zpsdc4ee6cd.jpg
 photo IMG_3528_zps8759bbfd.jpg

SS9502 Dolly Fur Boots
Brown, size 23.5cm, 24.5cm
 photo IMG_3526_zps90b0de51.jpg
 photo IMG_3521_zpsf8e291f4.jpg

SS9502 Dolly Fur Boots
Black, size 23.5cm
 photo IMG_3519_zpsc4ddf81a.jpg
 photo IMG_3518_zps40c49fa9.jpg
 photo IMG_3516_zpsc3cadf4b.jpg

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