. (tsukidelacroix) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

URGENT WTB: BTSSB Lace Up Ribbon Ring - was stolen, looking to replace!

Hi there!

Recently I bought the ring in the picture below from this community, but at some point this week it was stolen (perks of Freshers Week, huh?). I really loved this ring so I'm looking to find the same one at pretty much any price... doesn't even have to be too reasonable, I just really want the ring back!

I'm located in Durham, UK. I can pay in any currency and accept offers from any place. My feedback is here. I can pay by bank transfer if you're in the UK, or otherwise through PayPal. Also, I don't know my ring size, but the one I used to have I think was the smallest size available, but to be honest at this point I don't care what the sizes available are.

Thank you ever so much!!! I would be seriously seriously grateful if you could help me replace this.

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright
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