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!DS !DT Selling Atelier Boz jacket, trading Haenuli stained glass print NWT

♠ I do not smoke and have no pets, so all items should be delivered without any signs of those.
♠ I accept Paypal only
♠ I accept either euro or USD
♠ Prices include PP fees
♠ The item goes to the first person who is decided and sends paypal email
♠ please understand, I won't accept any cancellations so buy only if you are sure you can buy the item
♠ if the payment is not made within 2 days next person in line has an opportunity to buy it
♠ please, ask for shipping to your location if it's not stated
♠ I'll ship within 2 days after receiving payment
♠ I'll provide you with shipping number, but can't be hold responsible for any lost packages
♠ If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll answer as soon as possible :)

EGL Feedback


1. Atelier Boz longer jacket
I adore Atelier Boz for their craftsmanship. Sadly this one is too big for me, so it's high time to part with it instead of prisoning in a closet.
Hope someone will use it happily:)

proof of ownership:

shoulders: max~80cm
bust: max~94cm
waist: max~68cm
length: ~98cm

Price: 210 USD

Shipping as a letter:
Economic : Europe & USA: 7$
Priority : Europe 10$,  USA: 13$

Shipping as a box package heavily depends on a country, so please ask.
Estimated economy package cost is around 19$ and priority ~23$.

2. HAENULI Stained Glass of Staint Giles JSK

It's completely new with tags attached, never worn or even tried on. I ordered it directly from Haenuli's on first reservation. When it arrived months later, my circumsatances changed a bit and I could not wear it. Later my taste changed so the dress was just idly hanging in my closet.

Here is the site of the reservation where you can check out more photos and details:
Haenuli's page

Measuremnts from her site: Size 1
Bust: 85 ~ 98cm (33.4in ~ 38.6in)
Waist: 63 ~ 80cm (23.8in ~ 31.4in)
Length: 97cm (38in) - include lace

Price: Since JSK is in exact same state I got it, I price it the same ~210$
I would like to trade it for Haenuli's Stained glass printed skirt or maybe some dress from Moi meme Moitie, JetJ or similar style. Of course trade is partial depending on offered item and it's value. I believe we will negotiate fair agreement. Please show me what you are willing to trade.
Tags: !ds, !dt, atelier boz, haenuli, moi-meme-moitie
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