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DS: AP LP sets, and Chess Story Flying Flying OP


General information:
* Prices are in USD. For international buyers, I only accept paypal.
* Prices do not include shipping
* For Malaysian buyers, I can also accept Maybank transfer in ringgit.
* I only ship to the address that is on your paypal, so please make sure this is correct.
* All prices negotiable, I'm open to offers.
* I'm not looking at trades at the moment.
* Clothes come from a non-smoking home. My family used to own a few dogs but my sister took them with her when she got married a few years ago. The dogs were not allowed near my clothes.

- All AP sets ship for USD25 (they're pretty heavy) for registered airmail
- jsks and onepiece ships for USD20 for registered airmail
- If you prefer EMS, comment with your country for a shipping quote. EMS is estimated to be USD45 to most countries, it can go up to USD70 for certain countries though.

1. Candy Sprinkle set (pink) - sold

Price: 145USD + shipping 25USD

Set includes: jsk, headbow and socks only. I will not split the set.
More photos: headbow, waist ties, sock closeups
lolibrary link:

Notes: I've worn only the dress a few times, it was cleaned after each wear. The headbow and socks have never been worn at all

2. Candy Sprinkle set (black)

Price: 145USD + shipping 25USD

Set includes: jsk, headbow and socks only. I will not split the set. Please note the half bonnet is from the special set instead of the jsk set.
More photos: print closeup (the details are really gorgeous up close!), half bonnet, socks
lolibrary links:
jsk and socks:
half bonnet:

Notes: I only tried on the dress and half bonnet for a couple of minutes, the set has never been worn for an extended time period. The socks have never even been tried on.

3. Fancy Paper Dolls set - layaway in progress

Price: 105USD + 25USD shipping

More photos: closeup of bow and barette
set includes: dress, barette
lolibrary link:
Notes: I removed a bow from the dress. The bow came off perfectly, and I will be sending it along with the dress. I found the dress easier to wear without the stomach bow, but it can be easily sewn back onto the dress. Everything else about the dress is undamaged and in good condition.
Dress is fully shirred in the back and has two pockets.
I've worn this dress a few times and then cleaned it afterwards.

4. Meta Egg Art - sold

Price: 145USD + shipping 20USD

No set, jsk only

More photos: tag
lolibrary link:
Notes: Completely brand new with tag. I've had this for a long time now, and I never ever wear it at all, so it's probably time it goes to a new home. No flaws.

5. Chess Story Flying Flying onepiece (Dun Huang OP)

Price: 80USD + shipping 20USD

More photos: tag
No set, onepiece only. L size.
lolibrary link:
Notes: This arrived way, way, way too late for the occassion I bought it for (Chinese New Year). It's basically been sitting in my wardrobe untouched ever since. Brand new with tag.

6. Etoile Twins bustier jsk

Price: 165USD + shipping 20USD

More photos: inside out, shoulder straps
set includes: bustier jsk (detachable bow), offbrand bra straps
lolibrary link:
Notes: Bought this from AP, but ended up only wearing it once or twice. I'm sending along sparkly straps that I wore with the jsk as a freebie. Dress has no flaws.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, metamorphose, taobao
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