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WTB! BTSSB/AATPS headbow and BTSSB Fully/Part shirred Blouse (or other brand) BLACK ONLY


WTB Infomation

Please do not pm or comment if it is not relating to my post. I am aware you are offering me your item but kindly understand that I only want black items.

No whites or colors (unless as I said below "silver, pearls or glitter") If a white photo is used it is only for reference of style.
I am looking to find a headbow (maybe with a little more flare) AND a fully or partly shirred blouse to go with my BtSSB Cecilia JSK in black. I have just bought this jsk and am hunting for somethings to go with it for a full or near full brand set. (I may buy AP, IW or  offbrand as a last resort) NO BODYLINE~

I plan to keep this search open for 2 weeks! My main aim is BTSSB/AATPS, I am having a good search before paying for these items as I WANT to buy them both from the same seller if I can. So if you offer me something, and I like it, please understand it may take 2 weeks for payment (with deposit if necessary and payment would be on the 3rd of September latest) because I am trying to find the right items for me.

ALSO if you offer me more than one headbow or blouse, I may buy both in the end but I repeat I am waiting 2 weeks max to make my final choice (I am also on lacemarket, mbok and the facebook sales trying to find these said items)

The Designs.

I am not that picky but as I said I want to buy from the same seller if I can. I am hoping to have them as all black but a small amount of color or extra detail (like silver, pearls or glitter) would be fine. Needs to be big to go with hime gyaru style hair, prefer if it was near a headeating bow. Here are a few examples of the style I am looking for.


Thank you so much for taking your time to read this want to buy, I really appreciate your time. As I said before I may look at other brands BUT my main aim is BTSSB/ AATPS, thank you~
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