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DS: Cloest cleaning. Metamorphose, Iw, skirts, dresses.

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/2442006.html
Location: 88200, Poland

Prices below don't inclute shipping.

Metamorphose socks, 10 usd pair. All were only tried on then washed.

Brown and cream Otks- sale pending.

Metamorphose broosh, 10 usd.

Taobao headbow, 6 usd.

Innocent World tote bags, 25 usd each.

Beige totebag- sale pending

Metamorphose "Fruit Punch soda" set in mint. 225 usd. Both dress and minihat are in great condition. Dress can fist up to 95 cm bust. The dress has shirred pannel, adjustable soulder straps, detachable waist ties, neck ties and bows.


Lady Sloth jacquard skirt 35 usd. Made to fit 80 cm waist, but can go up around 85 cm. Button hole is dagamed.

Bodyline highwaist skirt, 35 usd. It's in very good condition.

Toy drops pink skirt, 135 usd. Very good condition. Max waist is around 72 cm, lenght is around 45 cm.


Handmade Navy JSK, 50 usd. Made to fit 100 cm bust and 80 cm waist, but can go up around 105 cm and 90 cm waist ebcause of shiriing. Shoulder straps are adjustable.

Surface spell Mucha JSK, 100 usd. Size XL. Only tried on. Waitties not pictured.

Oldschool Metamorphose OP, 90 usd. I'm the second owner but the dress is in very good condition. Can fit bust over 100 cm, lenght around 90 cm.

Oldschool Metamorphose JSK, 80 usd. I'm the second owner. The dress has little stain and it's missing waist-ties. Can fit op to 95 cm bust, Lenght around 90 cm.

Innocent world "Heart Decollete Dobby Op", sale pending.

Innocent World "Ladder Tulle OP", 100 usd. I've got this dress in lucky pack. It has been only tried on. One button on the sleeve fell of. Sale pending.

Thank you for looking.
Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, innocent world, item:accessory, item:bag, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:skirt, metamorphose, taobao
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