rococo_nyan (rococo_nyan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AP Catalogs & Jewelry/ Link to Old Sales!!

Hi Everyone:
My Feedback:
I am located within the USA
* For some items, I can pay straight away, for larger items/ more expensive things, I will need a short 2 part payment plan please. Thank you for your understanding.
* Please send me your feedback link/s. In light of recent issues with people impersonating others I would like to make sure that you are who you are claiming to be. So if you have multiple feedback links, I'd really appreciate seeing them. Thanks! :3

Fantastic Ribbon Necklace in the Ivory x Pink dot Colorway only please!

Melty Chocolate P Ring in Mint Only (A FOUND)
AP Melty Chocolate Ring in Mint (P)AP Melty Chocolate Ring in Mint (A)

STILL LOOKING for Angelic Pretty Catalogs! These are the years and times I still want to purchase:
2007 -  Autumn
2008 - Summer, Autumn, Winter
2009 - Summer, Autumn, Winter
2012 - Autumn & Winter
2013 - Winter
Examples of what I am looking for:
2008 Autum Catalog2008 Winter Collection

Whipped Magic OP in Black Only. (FOUND)

Magical Etoile Headbow in Black Only please! (FOUND)
AP Magical Etoile Headbow in Black

Whipped Magic Jewelry in Pink please! (FOUND)

British Ribbon Ring in Blue Only Please (FOUND)

Older Sales Link:
(Open to Offers and Trades)
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:novelty, item:onepiece
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