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!WTB: Seeking Jewelry Jelly + Fantastic Dolly + Decoration Dream + Milky-chan (4 week re-post)

PRIORITY ITEM CURRENTLY----> Jewelry jelly OTKs in lavender

Hello everyone,
I am located in Olympia, WA, USA. I will pay only by paypal and require tracked shipping.

Here is my EGL feedback:
Here is my GSJ Feedback:
Here is my Ebay feedback:

I AM NOT INTERESTED IN REPLICAS OR HANDMADE ITEMS. Crossed/bolded items are items I have already acquired.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer buying from US sellers, but I am open up to international sellers.


-Bell shaped Petticoat (Classical Puppets or AP)

-Milky-chan the fawn headbow in brown
-Milky-chan the fawn OP in brown
-Milky-chan deer ring in brown
-Milky-chan the fawn bracelet in brown
-Milky-chan the fawn necklace in brown
-Milky-chan the fawn bag
-Polka-dot Milky-chan ears headbow in brown
-Milky-chan deer eco tote in brown only
-Milky-chan the fawn Headband in brown only
-Milky-chan the fawn muffler
-Milky-chan the fawn coat in pink or whitexpink
-Milky-chan the fawn beret in pink or brown

-Minty mix or any other brand split 2-tone short split wig with brown and light brown
-Cute pink wig (a pink bob with pony tail clips or buns, something cute)

-Decoration dream JSK in Sax
-Decoration dream OTK in pink
-Decoration dream pony bag in sax
-Decoration pony bracelet in sax
-Decoration dream headbow in sax
-Decoration pony necklace in sax
-Decoration pony ring in sax
-Decoration dream pony pillow sax
-Decoration dream half bonnet in sax
-Decoration dream eco tote in sax
-Decoration dream mini hat in pink
-Anything else decoration dream that is not the OP in the sax color

-Jewelry Jelly OP in lavender
-Jewelry Jelly whip ring in lavender
-Jewelry jelly heart ring in lavender
-Jewelry Jelly headbow in lavender
-Jewelry jelly OTKs in lavender
-Jewelry jelly necklace in lavender
-Jewelry jelly bracelet in lavender
-Jewelry Jelly Mini Hat in lavender
-Jewelry Jelly wrist cuffs in lavender
-Jewelry jelly scrunchie in lavender
-Jewelry jelly parka in pink or lavender
-Anything else besides the JSK that's lavender jewelry jelly

-Fantastic dolly JSK in lavender
-Fantastic dolly tower OTKs in lavender
-Fantastic dolly headbow in lavender
-Fantastic Dolly Barrette in Black only
-Fantastic perfume bracelet in lavender
Fantastic Dolly boot socks in black x pink
-Fantastic dolly boot socks in black x lavender
-Fantastic bottle necklace in lavender only
-Fantastic perfume ring in lavender
-Fantastic perfume necklace in lavender
-Fantastic dolly long wallet in lavender
-Fantastic frame print umbrella in pink, black or white.
-Fantastic Dot Cutsew in lavender only
-Fantastic Dolly Scrunchie in Lavender only
-Fantastic Dolly Eco Tote in black Only
-Fantastic Ribbon Brooch in Lavender only
-Fantastic Ribbon Bangle in lavender only
-Fantastic Dolly Multi-purpose case in lavender only
-Fantastic Ribbon bracelet in lavender only
-Fantastic Ribbon Vanity Bag in lavender only
-Fantastic Ribbon Necklace in lavender only
-Fantastic Ribbon Ring in lavender only
-Fantastic dolly pass case in lavender only
-Fantastic Dot skirt in lavender only
-Fantastic dolly mirror in lavender only
-Fantastic dolly cardigan in black, purple, dark/light pink or mint!
-Fantastic ribbon barrette in lavender only
-Anything else that's fantastic dolly in lavender

-Tea parties size LL (Fit a US 8) in lavender
-Tea parties size LL (Fit a US 8) in black
-Tea parties size LL (Fit a US 8) in sax
-Tea parties size LL (Fit a US 8) in mint
-Classic Ribbon style shoes, size LL (Fit a US 8) in black
-Classic Ribbon style shoes, size LL (Fit a US 8) in lavender
-Classic Ribbon style shoes, size LL (Fit a US 8) in pink
-Classic Ribbon style shoes, size LL (Fit a US 8) in sax
-Classic Ribbon style shoes, size LL (Fit a US 8) in mint
(The shoes do not need to be brand, they can be off-brand or secret shop. Would be nice to own an AP pair though)

-Anything from 6% DokiDoki
-Pink heart ring
-Pink glitter bow
-Lavender Popples shirt
-Pink star clip
-Pink unicorn earring
-Pinkxyellowxblue polka-dot logo button
I vow to mighty harajuku button
-6% Dokidoki Logo necklace pendant
-Popples bow
-Heart attack ring
-Drapey Tutu (with ribbon clip and brooch)
-Drops bracelet
-Drops necklace
-Revolution clip & brooch
-6%+Doki ring set
-Sweet star clips
-6% dokidoki tights
-Sparkly 6% dokidoki logo button
-Kawaii Anarchy button
-Shooting start necklace
-Just about anything else that I haven't already listed that isn't striked/bolded out

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:brown, color:pink, color:purple, item:accessory, item:bag, item:hair accessory, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:shoes, offbrand, secret shop
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