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!DS: AatP OP, h. Naoto Jacket, AP Blouse, BtSSB Cutsew, Wig, Many Accessories

General info PLEASE READ ME:

+Ships from 30606 USA (Athens, GA)
+I expect payment within 48 hours of you asking to be invoiced otherwise I will leave negative feedback because I have wasted lots of time with buyers who have been
+I can hold items and I may consider payment plans but it is up to my discretion. If you ask me to hold an item for you but back out later, I will leave negative feedback.
+Read the fine print next to my items! When stated the price contains shipping and/or fees but many times will not! When it says an item contains shipping, that is within the USA. If you live abroad ask for shipping estimate!
Please don't ask if I am interested in trades, I'm not
+I will only split sets in the event that I have a buyer for all the items. You're welcome to say you'd like to be in line for one item from a set and if someone wants the other items then I'm fine splitting the set but also understand someone who wants to buy all the items as one set takes precedence

Please feel free to make me offers for these items!

aatp_2010_op_queen_color2shironuri - Copy

Direct Sale: Queen Marie Onepiece Dress by BtSSB- $350 $280 USD
-I purchased this dress two Christmas' ago and have worn it several times
-It is in excellent condition with no flaws I can find
-Though there is no shirring, it can be made smaller by lacing the sides more tightly, the measurements on lolibrary are the max measurements

sales 002 sales 001

sales 005 sales 003

Direct Sale: h. Naoto Sixh. Black Crop Fur Hoodie- $100 USD
-I purchased this item new from h. Naoto after seeing it worn by the designer Ibi in a fashion show, it was $230 new
-The magic thing about this jacket is that it looks good on everyone; it looked good on Ibi and it looked good on me though our styles are wildly different. I could see this item with boystyle, with sweet, and with gothic very easily.
-It looks adorable on a bust size of 85-100cm and fits all sizes in between well
-The fur part is removable for washing and the jacket is in excellent condition

meet 003 meet 004 meet 005
Direct Sale: Angelic Pretty Knit Black Wool Blouse/Cutsew- $60 USD inc. shipping and fees within the USA
-This knit cutsew is in great condition for its age (2008). It’s not an item you see very often. I think it’s great for fall or winter because it’s a wool blended fabric. I didn't find it itchy at all either!

-The item came to me missing the ribbon on the left cuff so I replaced it with my own black ribbon but its not a perfect match because I didn't have a thin enough ribbon. If you bought 1cm black ribbon from the store to replace the 2cm ribbon I used you’d never tell the difference.
-Fits up to 92cm bust and 75cm waist, may go larger because the fabric is very stretchy.

Direct Sale: Metamorphose Sax Ribbon Pearl Cutsew- $25 USD shipped w/ fees
-I am the first owner, this blouse was purchased NWT
-I removed the pearls at one point (see blouse photo on the far right)
-I've since reattached the pearls (

Direct Sale: Arda Mugatu Twin Tail Lavender/Blonde Wig- $40USD OBO
-I am the first owner, I purchased this item two years ago new from Arda
-The wig is a little tangled but that really comes with the territory for long curly Arda wigs, I will comb it out as much as possible before sending it but expect it to tangle in the mail

-Some of the curl has fallen out in the back as well but could easily be recurled with hot water and curlers

selling 029
selling 030selling 031
Direct Sale: Antaina Sax Teaparty Shoes 37- $35 OBO
-There is some scuffing damage as seen in the photos, I haven't tried to clean these shoes

Direct Sale: Angel Pony OTKs in sax -$20 OBO
-Some light pilling and discoloration on soles, otherwise in excellent condition

MelodyPoodleOTKs-CreamYellowxPinkselling 007
Direct Sale: Metamorphose OTKs in yellow-$10 OBO
-Some discoloration on soles, otherwise in good condition

meet 006
Direct Sale: Offbrand Gothic Cross Necklace- $10 USD

meet 009 meet 010
Direct Sale: Swimmer Pink Gem Bow Watch Necklace (needs new battery)- $10 USD

meet 012
Direct Sale: Handmade NES controller necklace- $15 USD
-Bought new and only worn a handful of times
-Very cute and great with sweet lolita or fairy kei/decora

meet 014
Direct Sale: Silver Two Way Clip- $10 USD shipped in the USA w/ fees

meet 013
Direct Sale: Silver Two Way Clip- $8 USD shipped in the USA w/ fees
-It was made from a keychain so there is a small hole at the top of the big star where the keychain hooked

Direct Sale: Metamorphose Pink Clip ($10 USD shipped) and Angelic Pretty Pink Brooch ($18 USD Shipped)

Direct Sale:  Blue and Lavender Wrist Cuffs- $20 shipped each pair

Direct Sale: Lavender Accessories Set- $10 USD shipped
-I am the first owner, I purchased this item new and have used it once

Direct Sale: Blue Accessories Set $8 USD shipped

Direct Sale: Pink Accessories Set $5 USD shipped
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, color:purple, h.naoto, handmade, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:hoodie/parka, offbrand
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