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!ATTN Seller Lillithfourth, Lillith4th, or Lillith Farrell!

This was approved a lot later than I expected and I had already posted to egl and received my answers! (I was hoping after that this wouldn't have gotten posted), thread here:

In short, there is a girl impersonating other seller(s) on various platforms to scam people.

I have never posted one of these before so sorry if this is wrong.
I think I was just scammed.
This girl by the username of lilithfourth PM'ed me responding to a !WTB post for a parasol yesterday. I asked for proof photos of the parasol and feedback. She replied with and .
Her feedback page is (I know it's not on EGL-Comm-Sales, but I figured people have switched over to Lacemarket by now so I wasn't suspicious that she didn't sell on EGL Sales).
Today I PM'ed her asking her if she received my payment as I hadn't received a reply since last night. No big deal, people work and go to school. It was getting late last night too.
Shortly after, I noticed she deleted her LJ account.
I messaged Lillith4th on Lacemarket if she is the same girl as Lillithfourth.

This girl's Paypal address is and her name on Paypal is Lillith Farrell.

Is there anything I can do? Please help. Thank you.

Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !scammer alert

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