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DS: BtSSB, AatP, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Offbrand - JSK, Blouse, Shoes, Jacket, OP

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Payment: I accept paypal payments in USD and will send you an invoice. I cannot accept personal/gift payments.


  • Shipping & Handling from Japan

  • 4% handling/package materials fee.

  • Packages will be shipped within 7 days of payment or less (I'll try to go faster if possible ^_^).

  • I can mark down the price on packages at the buyer's request but in the case of loss/damage only the amount declared on the package can be claimed.  This is at buyer's own risk!  If you do not request a certain value to be marked on the package, I will write down the full value.


  • I can do a short layaway for totals over $150 with a 50% deposit made in 24 hours.  Layaway cannot be cancelled and deposit is non-refundable if buyer flakes out on transaction.

  • If you fail to pay the balance and don't make contact with me to let me know what's up for 2 weeks after the payment due date I will consider the sale abandoned and reserve the right to re-list the item(s).  Please keep in touch!

  • I do not hold items (if you can't pay in full right away but are 100% serious about buying, please consider making a deposit and doing a layaway)

  • I give priority to people wanting to buy a full set or multiple items

Not at this time

Other: I live in a pet free, smoke free house with no strong fragrances.  Feel free to ask me any questions (^o^)!!

AatP / BtSSB

Alice and the Pirates Coat Set -
Blouse - $85 $50+ shipping/handling
everything else sold

I tried on the blouse in front of a mirror and decided it doesn't really suit me so I'm letting the set go.  Everything is new.  I did notice some stray threads on my other LPs (not loose threads, just stray bits of thread from the sewing room I assume) so there might be some here.

Proof photo of blouse: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/IMG_2555.jpg

BtSSB - Very Berry Sweet Pie Embroidery Scalloped JSK - $220 $132+ shipping/handling
(retail: ¥28,140) hello lace (~$280)
I purchased this second hand in excellent condition.  I only tried it on once.

Proof: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/IMG_2571.jpg

Innocent World
Classical Print Tiered JSK - $120 $70+ shipping/handling
(retail ¥21,800) hello lace (~$218)
Bought it second hand.  It's used with some wear on the corduroy fabric.

Proof: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/IMG_2569.jpg

Victorian Maiden*
(*I apologize in advance: VM items are very wrinkled from storage but otherwise in new condition - I do not have an iron or steamer or anything with which to prettyfy them ;-; very sorry!!)

VM Blouse - $120 $75 + shipping/handling
Brand new, only tried once.  It's a gorgeous, heavy material in an off white/creamish color with a button-on tie in the back and a brown ribbon neck tie in the front.
It has NO shirring so I would not recommend it for anything larger than 89cm BUST and 76cm WAIST.  Shoulders about ~36cm

Noble Regimental Jacket (Brown) NWT
- $195 $110 + shipping/handling
Absolutely gorgeous fitted jacket with removable trim and removable sleeve lace. Only tried on once.  Brand new, never worn.

Retail Price: ¥24,360 (~$243) Year: 2011
Features: Detachable trim
Shoulder 34cm Sleeve 62cm (edge ​​lace cuffs) 59cm (sleeves to the body where) 23cm cuff (with position / cuff external dimension)
Bust: 90 Length: 32

Classical Regimental Dress NWT (Ivory) - $250 $125 + shipping/handling
Only tried on once then put in storage.  Very pretty dress.  Comes with extra buttons.  Brand new never used!

Retail Price: ¥29,820 ($298) Year: 2011
Features: Lining, No shirring, Bustled, Detachable bow, Pintucks
Bodice - 35cm   Shoulder - 34cm   Sleeve - 61cm   Cuff - 24cm   Hem - 258cm
Bust: 89
Waist: 73
Length: 101

Proof (check color): More photos and details on lolilibrary
Front: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/lolita/forsale/IMG_2998.jpg
Back: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/lolita/forsale/IMG_3001.jpg
Tag: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s269/turynn/lolita/forsale/IMG_3002.jpg


Yosuke USA Brown Criss Cross Shoes 23.5cm - $40
+ shipping/handling
These cost about $80 new from a shop in the city.  I've only tried them on in front of the mirror once for about 5 minutes.  I have never worn them outside or barefoot.  They still have the stickers on the bottom and are basically new.  They're 23.5cm which I believe is about 6.5-7 in US size.  They're quite heavy and will probably cost a minimum of $20 to ship (part of the reason I've priced them so cheaply) so please be aware.

Axes Femme Emerald Blouse - $70 60+ shipping/handling
Gorgeous blouse on par with brand quality.  It's hard to get a color-accurate photo, but it's a nice emerald green color.  Jewel buttons and a neck tie.  It's brand new - I only tried it on once.  It runs maybe a little larger than an Angelic Pretty blouse but not much. For reference I'm 34b/26w (women's size 4) and it's a bit loose on me.


Axes Femme JSK - $75 65 + shipping/handling
Was sold out at my local shop so bought brand new with tags on Y!J.
Cute little JSK.  It has shirring in the back and is fully lined with a heavy, stretchy fabric.  It's fairly lightweight so I'd recommend it for spring or summer.  The only reason I'm selling it is because the torso is just a bit too long for me and I don't want to take the time to alter the straps.  It fits my 34"bust (a cup) and 26"waist and will probably go a little larger from the shirring but I don't recommend too much larger (especially the bust).  I'd also recommend it for people 5'2" and under.

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:brown, innocent world, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:shoes, victorian maiden, yosuke
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