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!WTB: Angelic Pretty or BtSSB Frilly solid-colored Pink Parasol!

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Shipping would be to Oregon, USA. I can pay immediately.
Willing to look at other brands, but I'd prefer AP as first priority followed by BtSSB.

I am looking to purchase a PINK parasol preferably by Angelic Pretty or BtSSB. AP is my first priority however I notice AP USA almost never have the solid pink colored ones in stock. I am not looking for prints on parasols, unless the print is something very subtle like florals or lace. Brand logos/emblems (e.g. BtSSB's crown) is okay as long as they're small (the third photo's print is too large for me) but I am not looking for prints.

BtSSB & Angelic Pretty in the USA prices their parasols around $40-$50 USD + priority mail shipping ($19 USD), so I'd be looking to spend around $50-$60 USD for a used one including shipping, and am willing to pay as gift to exclude PP fees.

Examples of the parasols I like:

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, color:pink

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