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DS/DT: Getting rid of the things I've never worn

Finally accepted that I'm too tall for my skirts to ever look good and there's no use keeping them, so I'm selling them!
I only accept payment through paypal.
All prices are in USD.
I prefer to ship to US only, but if you're willing to pay the higher shipping then I do ship internationally.
Shipping is not included in price, comment or message me your location for shipping estimate.
I can provide photos of any additional details upon request.
Proof is my dress form.
My feedback can be found here:

Trade info, for those interested:
All items offered for trade must fit bust of 105cm and waist of 85cm.
Not looking for anything specific, I prefer sweet things but will look at everything.
Does not have to be brand, but must be of equal quality and/or value as the thing you want to trade for.

My items for sale:

Angelic Pretty Charming Frill skirt in yellow:
Hellolace link to the OP:
I can't find a hellolace or lolibrary link for the skirt, but I'm assuming the skirt was released in 2008 when the OP and JSK were.
No official measurements found, waist probably won't go more than 70cm though.
This skirt has never been worn, tags are still attached.
I'm asking $125+shipping.

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy in red:
I bought this secondhand, never worn by me but I'm not sure if the previous owner wore it.
No tags but still in new condition.
Asking $175+shipping.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, item:skirt
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