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FOUND Thank you <3 SS wanted! Someone in the US ^^

Hello, I live in France.
I ship worldwide but shipping can be really expensive.

I only accept paypal (ou chèque pour les françaises).

Prices are in euro.

Shipping and paypal fees are not included.

I do not smoke but I have a cat (who do not smoke :p but have hairs).

Handmade items can have imperfections.

I'm not responsable for lost/damaged packages.
Useless in this post ;)

My feedback is here:

Hello! I'm looking for someone living in the USA. I want to buy a skirt from a US resident but this person prefer not to sell to non-US resident.

Therefore I'm looking for someone who would be a shopping service. I would pay for the skirt, give the seller your postal adress. Then, I would send you the ammount of money needed for shipping to France. You would send it too me and everybody would be happy! :D

As for fees, either I send you some extra money, or I send you an item from my sales, whichever you prefer.

Please note I will want to see your feedback! :)

If you think you can do it, message me! :D

Thanks for looking! :)
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