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Ds: Whip magic set, skirt from Metamorphose, Virgin Mary babydoll, Heart shape bag from Baby, etc

I ship from Spain.
I do own 2 cars. Smooke free
I accept offers or trades
Shipping and paypal fess no incluyed
I combine shipping, also I send pictures of the package
No returns, no claims
I accept holds and payment plans only if you are the only interested.
Once is the item is sent, im not resposible of damages or loss
Feel free to request more pictures of info
My egl feedback:

Whip Macig set in yellow colorway. 150usd
Dress and bow never worn by me, the socks only for once.
5/5 condition, dont see any marks or stains.

90 bust
70 waist

 photo 10545052_10203499297954868_973152818_n.jpg

 photo 10543171_10203499297834865_1035886659_n.jpg

Metamorphose melody note bustle skirt 60 usd
No waist ties, theres missing the clasp, but its easy to reemplace
Shirred on the back

 photo 10518892_10203499297674861_1505154618_n.jpg

 photo printnote.png

More pics:

Old school Metamorphose gingham skirt 40 usd
It has partial shirring on the back. No waist ties. It has doble button to adjust the size, 60-75cm of waist
Theres a damage not notieacble on the tulle, feel free to request pictures!!
3/5 because that little rip and the loss of the waist times. However I like the feeling of the fabric, it is similar that Babys Salon music, Mother goose, etc

 photo ssss.jpg

more pic:

Baby the stars shine bright Virgin mary/angels gate jsk off white 165 usd
Im second owner
Used for once by me!
5/5 condition!

 photo 10329_original.jpg

 photo 1004944_10202253785017823_752602472_n.jpg

 photo 1560464_10202253785057824_1891928714_n.jpg

Metamorphose old school hairband 12 usd
Used but still in good condition, I dont see marks or damages

 photo 1238329_10201581835859514_362371416_n.jpg

 photo 1391958_10201581835459504_1099305728_n.jpg

Heart Shape Baby shoulder bag 90 usd
Not used by me, I dont see damages

 photo 10406945_10203440052033757_1453534683235196221_n-1.jpg

More pics:


velvet corset 30€ Never used size 22 (max 92 bust, 70 waist)
Long Bust

 photo 1380052_10201581836419528_1082566750_n.jpg

Brocade Corset 30€ Never used size 22 (max 92 bust, 70 waist)
Long bust

 photo 1377608_10201581836379527_562802292_n.jpg

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