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DS! Angelic Pretty
*Paypal Only (No Fees)
*Feel free to make an offer
*Whoever PMs me their paypal first gets the item.
*No Payment Plans
*Not responsible for lost or damaged packages after it has been sent out
*If you are no longer interested in an item please tell me
*Condition stated as is, but I might miss a few things
*I will only ship to your Paypal address as stated
*I require a feedback link from buyers

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival OP in Pink
(1st release I believe)

*Good Condition
*There is discoloration on the lace. The lace lining the neckline has faded to a light yellow/pink on top. The rest of the lace seems to be in good condition but be aware there might have been color bleeding onto it.
*The print is still very vibrant and in great condition
*I am the second owner but I have not worn the OP

$160 Shipped in the USA
$170 Shipped internationally

Feel Free to make an offer

[My Photo]sugary Carnval12
[lace discoloration]unnamed

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party OP in Pink
(1st Release)

*Excellent Condition
*I couldn't find any flaws on the dress
*Second Owner but I have not worn it

$170 Shipped in the USA
$180 Shipped internationally

Feel free to make an offer

[My Photo]wonder party2

Thanks for looking
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:onepiece
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