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!DS: Jane Marple Candy JSK & Strawberry JSK!

Hello all!

Please read these terms! My terms have changed in light of recent issues. Please read them before committing to a purchase.

- My feedback:
- Paypal only! No echeck unless you have asked and I have agreed to it.
- Invoice will be coming from ********ly****
- Please pay your invoice within 3 hours unless we have discussed other arrangements!
- Please only comment if you are serious about purchase!
- I do not charge fees, ever.
- I generally do not do payment plans, but you can ask.

- I do not do holds unless you provide your Paypal address for immediate invoicing and I agree to the hold with or without a deposit depending on the item price! You may pay the invoice when ready, but I do invoice right away.

Just requesting an invoice *does not mean* that you have dibs on the item. You must actually be invoiced for the item to be put aside for you!

As stated above, the first person to request an invoice = you have provided your PP, requested the invoice, and you do not have any additional conditions warranting delay in purchase. If you have questions, that is just fine, but know that *only* dropping your PP doesn't hold your spot- someone can purchase in front of you if they specifically ask for an invoice and give me their PP.

If there is a waitlist for an item, I will let you know. If I offer you the item, I allow a window of time for a response that depends on my work schedule (usually half a day). If I do not receive a response, I will pass the item on to the next person in line, so that people aren't kept waiting. This is to keep things moving along quickly and easily!


- Once your item ships, it is out of my hands. ALL ITEMS I SHIP CARRY TRACKING. Please know that is not always reliable for tracking info - please give your item adequate time to arrive. International shipping can take anywhere from 6-11 days, potentially longer during holidays.

- All packages ship by first class mail unless otherwise requested or noted. If you purchase a bag, shoes, hat, ring, or other fragile or large item, your item will be shipped in a box. Additionally, most dress sets exceeding the amount of $375.00 ship in a box. In the USA, these pricier set packages may be shipped Priority by my choice with insurance (shipping will still be included, it won't change- this is for my peace of mind). Generally, anything outside of that is shipped in a completely taped over plastic bubble mailer, the contents wrapped safely in a cellophane or similar material bag and taped shut. If you would like different packaging, you may request it, but note that your package may take additional time to ship as I may need to go purchase other materials before packaging. Additionally, if you request a box, your shipping cost will go up. I have no qualms with shipping this way, but please be aware that it is always more costly to ship in box.

- I do not insure packages unless requested, or unless I choose to do so, which typically occurs when a dress set is of a high value. I will tell you if I insure your package. If you would like to request insurance on a domestic shipment, feel free to do so. Internationally, understand that I can only insure your package if you elect to ship via EMS, which is extremely expensive. If you would like your package shipped this way, please ask me for a quote.

- I will, WITHIN REASON, mark down items. You can request it, but in the end it is at my discretion. Understand that this action is ILLEGAL. I will happily mark your $40 socks at $20. However, I will NOT mark your $400.00+ dress set at something like $40. No matter what, if you get hit with customs fees, this is not my fault- I have no control over what your customs office chooses to do. Please do not contact me asking for reimbursement of any kind. Please ask me about marking down, I am usually happy to do it, especially if I have sold to you in the past or you have good feedback!

- I leave feedback for items in lump amounts - basically, whenever I finish a sale and people begin to receive items, I will leave feedback once I have a decent quantity requested. This helps me to better track who I have left feedback for and who I haven't. So please be patient in regards to your feedback- I will get to it.

- I reserve the right to not sell to you if you have given me any trouble in the past. If you think this may apply to you, chances are it probably does.

- I provide stock measurements for items. I will give you flexible measurements upon request to the best of my abilities. If the item does not fit you upon arrival, this is not my fault.

- Once your item is out of my hands, I am not responsible for it.

*****I am always open to other offers/lower price negotiation on all items! :) *******

Jane Marple Candy JSK - Navy - 2013

Adorable falling candy JSK! Perfect for summer, very versatile! Great condition, no flaws to note! Max bust of 35" :)

Price: $175.00 which includes shipping *anywhere* and open to lower offers! :)

Jane Marple Strawberry JSK - Black - 2013

Very summery super cute strawberry JSK from JM! Great condition, no flaws to note! Max bust of 35" :)

Price: $175.00 which includes shipping *anywhere* and open to lower offers! :)


Tags: !ds, item:jumperskirt, jane marple
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