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DS; Cheap AP OTKs and two Lockshop wigs

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I live in the UK.
UK shipping can be expensive. Please bear this in mind.

I've just moved house, so I'm selling some things I no longer use.
Item: Dreaming Girl OTKs
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Condition: 3/5, some feeling of wear, slight pilling around the soles. There is some light, greyish staining on the soles that is hidden by shoes.
Price: £8
Size: N/A

Colour: Pink
Lolibrary Link: (Note that there is no link for the socks alone as they were a part of the 2013 New Year LP)

Close up of bow detail
Close up of slight greying on the soles

Item: Hime-gyaru quarter split wig

Brand: Lockshop
Condition: 4/5, in really nice condition. The only small flaw is that the stitching on one of the loops for altering the tightness of the clips inside the wigs has come away, but can easily be sewn back in place. The wig was worn once by a friend for a few hours. I only tried it on. The wig has not been cut or styled in anyway.
Price: £25
Size: N/A, but it runs a tad smaller than most other Lockshop wigs in my experience. I have an inhumanly giant head and cannot wear it, hence the reason for sale.
Colour: Milk-tea with a chocolate split
Lolibrary Link: N/A


NOTE; This stock image shows the GINGER colourway of this wig. I am selling the Milk Tea.
Item: Dolly wig (I believe this wig is now discontinued?)
Brand: Lockshop
Condition: 4/5, good condition. I've worn it out a few times and it doesn't shed much or tangle easily. I have not cut or styled the wig in anyway.
Price: £25
Size: N/A. It does fit on my giant head, though.
Colour: Milk-tea
Lolibrary Link: N/A

PROOF (Wig tried on straight out of bag with no combing through.)
Thank you

Totoro pixel can be found here.
Pokeball Bullet can be found here.
Divider can be found here.
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