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!DT/DS: Innocent world Ivory blouse with high-lace collar *TRADED, THANK YOU!*


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Today I am offering preferably to trade my ivory IW blouse.  From my understanding, this is an older IW design that they had slightly changed and then re-released recently.  I did buy the blouse second hand but never actually wore it because I found a blouse that was better suited to my JSK!  It has absolutely no flaws and is in perfect condition with lots of lovely lace, pearly buttons and a brown double neck ribbon.

The blouse will fit UP TO a 36in bust max (~90cm), the waist is proportional and could fit around 27in (~68cm) with enough room to not gap.  There are waist ties at the back to make the blouse smaller.


I am honestly looking to trade for nearly anything!  After a two-year hiatus from lolita, I am making a return and reinvigorating my wardrobe.  I am interested in mainly dark colors or colors that work with classic, such as ivory, burgundy, dusty pink, brown, grey, olive, black, whatever.  I am interested in other blouses, bonnets, skirts, JSKs, and OPs.  If you have something lovely and classic or gothic that you'd be interested in trading, then I am very willing to add money for certain pieces.  I feel that this piece doesn't suit my current wardrobe, so I am looking for things that may better match.  Please, no OTT sweet, bittersweet is a big maybe, but I'll still consider it!

If I do not get any offers or trades, I will sell the blouse for $70 shipped in the US, or $80 shipped internationally.  If I do not get trade or sale offers, then please feel free to make an offer since the blouse is just sitting and I could use whatever cash towards something new!

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