Sarah Marie (sarahmarie1224) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sarah Marie

DS! Urgent!!

I need to sell some things in order to deal with some unexpected vet bills!

All items are kept in bags in a box but I do have a cat and ferret so the occasional bit of fur can happen!

All items are shipped from Michigan in the USA

Paypal fees aren't your responsibility so don't worry!

Shipping isn't included so please ask!

Prices aren't firm so feel free to make a reasonable offer

Combined shipping is available!

Please comment if you PM


Proof Photo:


Rose Melody Swan Princess Skirt BNWT $100 SOLD

58-70 cm waist, 50 cm length

I bought this and then never wore it because I had nothing that went with it.

Tags are still attached.


Handmade Skirt $30

Made for me by a girl in my local comm.

I believe the waist is around 25-28 inches but it could go larger due to elasticated back.

All edges are serged. Comes with matching bows if I can find them.

I only wore it once.


Bodyline Boots $30

26.5 cm

Bought used, didn't wear them myself because they were too small on my calf.

Some scuffs but I'm pretty sure they could be removed easily with soap or nail polish remover.


Straw hat $10 SOLD

Lost the original ribbon because I swapped it out for my different coords.


Tags: !ds, color:black, color:green, color:pink, handmade, item:skirt, offbrand, rose melody

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