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DS: Closet cleaning

Terms of sale
* I ship from ESTONIA
* Prices are in euros (€)
* I don't smoke and I don't own a pet
* All sales are final, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages
* Paypal fees are included
* I accept paypal or EU bank transfers
* First one who is willing to pay the price and has left me her/his paypal (or has agreed on a EU bank transfer) will get the item
* Measurements are approximate
* Items will be shipped 1-3 days after reciving payment

My feedback can be found here

This roselight will be my proof.

Item #1  Atelier Pierrto Blouse 90€ + shipping inside the EU 7€ / rest of the wolrd 12€

Bust: ~80-97cm (or even more, it has lacing and shirring on the back)

Waist: ~72-98cm (or even more)
Sleeve length ~60cm
Shoulder width: ~36cm
Length: ~59cm

Condition: Bought new, only tried on once and washed after that

Item # 2 Moitie long highwaist skirt 60€ + shipping inside the EU 8€ / rest of the world 13€

Lacing on the back

Length: ~99cm (highwaist:10-11 cm, skirt:88-89cm)
Waist: ~70cm

Flaws: The fabric is a bit faded on one side of the skirt (as shown on the picture ). Other than that there shouldn’t be any flaws.

Item # 3 Atelier Boz Jacket 44 € + shipping inside the EU 8 € / rest of the world 13€ SOLD


Length: ~47cm
Bust: ~87cm
Waist: ~76cm
Shoulder width: ~37cm
Sleeve lenght: ~59cm
Fabric: velvet

Bought second hand in Japan. Never worn by me.

Flaws : There are some marks on the outside of the sleeves (as shown on the picture) and the thread for fastening the buttons is showing at some places on the inside (as shown on the pictures 1; and 2).

Item #  4 BPN bag 20€ + shipping inside the EU 8€ / rest of the world 13€



34 cm x 27 cm (42 cm x 32 cm with the outer ruffles)

Item # 5 Kirakira Headdress 6€ + shipping inside the EU 4€ / rest of the world 6€


Item # 6
Peace Now blouse 26 €+ shipping inside the EU 6€ / outside the EU 11€


Length: ~55 cm
Bust: ~86 cm
Waist: ~80 cm
Shoulder width: ~35 cm
Sleeves: ~ 60 cm

Fabric: cotton

Item #7  NWT Offbrand Black OTK's - one pair 10 €+ shipping inside the EU 4€ / rest of the world 6€


Bought 3 pairs of these over the knee socks in Japan. After trying one pair on I realized that they are a bit too tight for me, so I’m selling the other 2 pairs.

The upper part of the over the knee socks will only stretch to 40-41 cm

Item #8 Offbrand BJD Tights - 10 €+ shipping inside the EU 4€ / rest of the world 6€


Selling the tights because I'm too tall for them. Only tried on and washed after that.
If you are intrested in buying the tights make sure your height is under 170 cm.

Thank you for looking and feel free to ask questions :)
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