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DS : Partial leaving lolita sales - Angelic Pretty skirt for 60euros and more!

I live in France, Paris.
I don't have a dog or cat, none smoker home. As I'm working a lot I can't answer quickly! So please, be patient! I put a little description about all the product and when the skirt and other have a stain i'm not shy to show them, so if you want a better view of them, feel free to ask!
I'm open to offer, don't be shy!

Shipping and Paypal Fees not include in the price! Please, note that shipping to US can be really expensive!

For the US with insurance and tracking:
- Shipping for one skirt : 30 euros
- Shipping for the OP : 40 euros

For Europe with the insurance and tracking :
- Shipping for a skirt : 20 euros
- Shipping for the OP : 30 euros

For France : Ask me in private!

Here my feedback :

My proof pic :

Angelic Pretty :

Dollhouse in pink - 60 euros

In perfect condition, buy it from a girl who live in Paris, she never wear it but she lost the bow. You can ask for more picture's!

Colorful Heart Skirt mint - 60 euros

Second hand, brought from the elg comes sales from a girl really nice. In perfect condition, still have the west tie!

Mermaid Symphony mint - 150 euros
Proof - Proof 2

Second hand. The skirt had a stain but i clean it and it disapear! Only stay this little stain. I have the west tie and the bow!

Shooting star skirt - 130 euros
Proof - Proof 2

Second hand, i buy it from Mbok, the first owner didn't say the skirt has a stain. It's on the back, and really little. I have the little bow and the west tie!

Coat Arms Tartan - 190 euros
Coat of arms AP

First hand, i buy it from the angelic pretty online store and never wear it. I find it too small for me!

Candy-chan on a Walk Skirt - 200 euros (or best offer)
Proof - Proof 2

In really really perfect condition for a skirt like this one! This is my dream skirt. If you want more picture about the skirt, just ask! I can make more!

Whipped Magik OP - 200 euros

Proof 1 - Proof 2

In perfect condition, I love this print but i didn't wear it! So i prefer to sell it!

Top - 50 euros


Buy it in Japan, never wear. In perfect condition.

Angelic Pretty Bow - The blue one and the red one, 40 euros each.

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