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DS: 1 MONTH REPOST + REDUCTION! Jane Marple winter Bunny/ ETC Deer print JSK, and other ETC stuff

Please, read first:

- Prices are in euros.

- I' m open to reasonable offers.

- Paypal preferred.   Buyer may pay pp fees (4 % + 0,35 €) or send the payment as gift if they want to save them.

-  Bank transfer only is accepted to UE costumers.

- I ship from Spain. Shipping is not included in the price, please ask me for. Shipping is with tracking number, ask me if you want untracked shipping.I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages once they leave out my hands.

- No exchanges and no returns. All sales are final.

- Priority goes to the first person who leaves her pp adress and whoever can pay full price first.

- I can do payment plans with a non-refundable deposit, but  full payment gets priority.

- Smoke-free / pet-free home.

- All items are clean and ready to use.

- My EGL feedback:

- Feel free to ask me anything.

1) ETC- Deer print JSK -- Price: 385 Eur/ 250 Eur  / NOW 200 Eur
    Popular item, mint condition: 5/5

2) Jane Marple Winter Bunny OP in burgundy- 285 EUR NOW 228 EUR- NEW REDUCED PRICE: 182 Eur

I'm the first owner, perfect condition, clean and with tags, marked 41,790 JPY. The fake fur collar is removable.

High-Waist: 88cm max

Length: 94 cm

Bust: 90cm max

3) ETC Forest Deer house -- 105 Eur / 65 EUR / NOW 55 Eur

Good condition 4/5
    Pale pink (no shirring)

4) ETC stuffed animals JSK --- 115 Eur / 75 EUR / NOW 65 EUR
    Good condition 4/5
    Blue (no shirring)

5) ETC stuffed animal JSK II ---
SOLD to nowcat ( pending shippement)

6)  ETC Alice Cards JSK in blue - 200 EUR - NOW 160 EUR- NEW REDUCED PRICE: 128 EUR

Waist: free

Length: 85cm

Bust: free but but I recomend a 90cm max

7) Jane Marple folck OP ---- 95 Eur / 75 Eur / NOW 65 EUR
    Good condition 4/5
    Green (no shirring)

Tags: !ds, emily temple cute, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, jane marple
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