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!DS : Metamorphose JSK and Putumaryo Skirt (repost - reductions! Urgent!)

Black Gingham cherry shirring JSK

metadress01 copie

I bought this dress online in 2007. I’ve worn it a lot for a year approximately, but it has been sitting in my closet since then. It is in good condition, the only damage being one button holding the shoulder strap has fallen and I’ve replaced it with a black one of the same style, which is barely noticeable. The shirring is quite extensible and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

On hello lace

measurements : (from HL, they are accurate)

61.8cm length, 83.5cm~113.5cm bust, 73.5 - 103.5cm waist

Shipping :

UK : Around £20, US : Around $35, FR : Around 10€.
(Comment of other shipping quotes)

Pictures :
metadress02 copiemetadress03 copie

metadress04 copiemetadress06 copie


Blue Cat not round skirt

putumayoskirt01 copie

Blue Putumayo skirt bought in 2008 at the Japan Expo in Paris.

Worn a few times then and never since.

Warning : The skirt is really short! (it’s meant to be, but I wouldn’t wear it if you’re any taller than me – 165cm/5ft4)

It’s in good condition, and is perfect for some cute punk lolita!

The petticoat used in the pictures doesn’t fit the skirt at all, but it is the only one I own.

On lolibrary

Measurements : (from Lolibrary, accurate)
Waist : 60-90 cm
length : 41 cm

Shipping :

US : Around $15-20, UK : around £10-12, FR : Around 8-10€.
(comment for other shipping quotes)

Pictures :

putumayoskirt02 copie
putumayoskirt03 copie
putumayoskirt04 copie


Rules :

Payment by paypal only
Prices are non-negotiable
Shipping costs aren't included in the price. They are precised under the pictures.
Any questions are welcomed!
Additional pictures can be requested
I can be contacted on LJ or by email at puckboum[@]gmail[.]com
I live with cats and smoke but both items haven't been taken out of the closet in years except for pictures.
Items will be washed and ironed before sending.

My feedback page

!There is a possibility of getting the items at the Garden Party in French on Monday July 7th as I'll be present at the event. Other possibilities to meet in Paris can be arranged, but the payment still has to be made with paypal.!

♥Thank you for reading! I hope those lovely items will find a more deserving home soon!♥

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